2018 Project Pan





Hello, it’s been a bit!  The end of 2017 was absolutely crazy.  However, I’ve been thinking a lot about my collection.  While I love having a huge collection, I feel like there are certain items that I just don’t need anymore.  So, I’ve decided to do a project pan for this year!  Before I tell you what I will be panning, I wanted to break down my different reasons for getting rid of products.  In addition, I hope to post some updates throughout the year.

One big reason I want to pan some of these products is because they are not cruelty free.  When I decided to go cruelty free in 2017, I did not get rid of all the non-cruelty free products in my collection.  Since I had already spent the money, I felt that it would be wasteful to get rid of them.  So, I’ve been trying to use these specific products up.

Another reason I am panning some of these products is because they’re just mediocre, and don’t get enough use.  I’m constantly purchasing new makeup and I find that it’s a total waste if I’m not using my old things.  So, without further ado, here is what I am going to attempt to pan this year!

Disclaimer – some of these products either have pan or are somewhat used up.  I felt like this would be helpful since this is my first time attempting a project pan.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance: So i’ve already hit pan on two shades.  This is my absolute favorite palette, and I’ve actually already purchased a backup.  Before I open that one I want to use this one up!

Naked Basics: This is the first high end palette I ever purchased.  While I loved it, I just have too many neutral shadows.  Plus I have four full died naked palettes, so I just do not need this little guy in my collection anymore.

Colourpop “Making Moves”: I was accidentally sent this shadow twice.  It’s a nice orange toned eyeshadow and I feel as though I can hopefully use it all up.

Colourpop “Goody Two Shoes”: This shadow is one I purchased and I do not think I have used.  I’m not sure if I can completely finish this guy up, however, I would love to just see some pan on this.

Benefit “Hoola”: This is a pan version of the Benefit classic.  I have the box o’blush version, and I do not need two of these bronzers.  This is a nice everyday bronzer and I think I can hit pan.

MAC “Well Dressed”: This is a really pretty blush, and will work well layered with other blushes.  This is a MAC non-cruelty free item, and I’m just trying to move it out of my collection.

Nars “Orgasm”: Another non-cruelty free blush, however, I have already began to hit pan on this.  I love this blush but I certainly have similar shades.  It’s time for this baby to move on.

Coty Airspun Powder: This is another non-cruelty free item.  In addition, it’s not my favorite loose powder, and I would love to try some better loose powders this year.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo: I used to love this product for travel.  However, the pan detached from the plastic and it is now difficult to transport.  Again, this is not cruelty free and needs to go.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I’ve been through a few of these and I have plenty of other powders.  It already has major pan and needs to leave the collection.

Benefit “Sugarbomb”: This product is super old, and I have another one in a palette.  It’s a stunning blush but I do not need two.

NYX Eyeshadow Base: My favorite eyeshadow prime is the two faced shadow insurance.  I don’t feel as though I need a large collection of eye primers and this one is just alright.

Colourpop “Crimper”: I have a million super shock shadows.  I love them, but kind of forget about them.  So, as this one is not my favorite shade, I want to try to use it up.

MAC Strobe Cream Mini: This is a product that is close to being gone.  I like mixing this in with primer.  It’s another non-cruelty free and it needs to go.

Benefit Professional Mini: This is very similar to my strobe cream.  It’s gotta get out, and in addition, I’m not a huge fan of the silicon type primers.

Este Edit Pore Vanishing Stick: This is almost gone as well and it’s very mediocre to me.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation: This is about halfway gone.  This foundation is alright.  I felt like it was overpriced and I would just like to move it out of the collection.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: I had a few of these concealers, and I loved them.  However, it’s not cruelty free and I shouldn’t hold on to it any longer.

I’m really hoping that I can use these items up!  Are you guys into project pans?  Are you trying to get rid of anything this year?

Until next time!



Eyeshadow Palette Collection

I am a total eyeshadow palette junkie. If it’s warm toned, I gotta have it. If it’s limited edition, I gotta have it. If it’s new, I gotta have it. Over the last several years, I have acquired quite the collection. So, I figured that I would show you all my collection. Sine they’re are so many, I will only include a small blurb. If I have already reviewed it, I will link my article. I will also try to provide links for all the permanent products mentioned.


Z-Palettes: You can find a full description here.


Anastasia World Traveler Shadow Couture (Limited Edition): I love this for the Summer.  There are several permanent shadows in here.  It’s a beautiful warm toned palette with pops of color.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance: This is my favorite palette in the entire world.  I love not only the warmth, but the quality of the shadows.

Lorac Pro: This is a great, classic palette to own.  It’s neutral enough without being too boring.

Lorac Pro 2: I used to use this alot more.  This palette is really cool toned but I still love using it on occasion.

Lorac Pro 3: I love this super neutral palette.  It’s perfect for a quick look.

Lorac Mega Pro 3 (Available Again For a Limited Time): If you can get your hands on this, get it now!!  This is such a great palette with so much variety, however, every color is wearable.

Lorac AfterGlo (Limited Edition): This was one of my first highend palettes.  I don’t use this too much but I love it for a pop of color.

Tarte GraveyardGirl Swamp Queen (Limited Edition?): This is a beautiful warmtoned, rosy gold palette.  It includes blush, bronzer and highlight, making it great for travel.

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom: If I have an interview, work etc., this is the palette I reach for.  The quality is amazing and the color scheme is timeless.

Tarte Rainforrest Of the Sea Volume I: I love this for the Summer.  The formula is gel-like and super easy for a quick look.

Tarte Maneater (Limited Edition): This should be permanent!  This is a beautiful warm palette with pops of cranberry.

Tarte Don’t Quit Your Day Dream (Limited Edition): This is another great palette.  It’s similar to the Maneater, but more neutral.  This is one of my favorite travel palettes for a weekend trip.

Morphe 35OM: This is such a handy palette, containing cool and warm browns, with reds and oranges.  It is completely and great for pairing with other shadows.

Morphe X Kathleenlights (Limited Edition): This palette made me fall in love with Morphe.  I love the color scheme as well as the quality.

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette (Limited Edition): Check out a full review here.

Morphe 12S: This is a complete shimmer palette, and this little guy lives on my vanity for when I need a pop of shimmer.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: I love the formula of this palette and is perfect for everyday wear.

Too Faced Sweet Peach: The smell of this is amazing and I love the Springtime tones I get from this palette.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip (Limited Edition): This is a alright palette.  It’s great for travel but not my favorite, however, I can’t seem to part with it! It’s too darn cute!

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly (Limited Edition): I love this.  The smell is everything and the shade “Nuts About You” is the perfect warm matte.

Too Faced Country (Limited Edition): This is an OG palette in my collection.  I don’t use it too much now but its super pretty and I live for the names.

Too Faced Merry Macarons (Limited Edition): Alot of people hate the Too Faced holiday collections but I actually adore this particular palette.  The matte’s are super soft.

Too Faced Grande Cafe Hotel Palettes (Limited Edition): These are the Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte, and Gingerbread Cookie palettes.  I love the face products and some of the eyeshadows are decent.  Not my favorite but I love how Christmas they are.

Urban Decay Naked: This is a classic, however, my newest Naked palette.  These palettes are nice qulity but just do not have enough mattes.

Urban Decay Naked 2: This is my least favorite Naked as it has more cool tones but it is nice quality.

Urban Decay Naked 3: I still love this palette.  I think the colors are super complimentary and stunning.

Urban Decay Naked Basics: I love this for pairing with other palettes, and mine is beat to hell!

Urban Decay Vice 4 (Limited Edition): I love the jewel tones in this palette.  I feel like it needs a few more mattes but I really enjoy this.

Urban Decay Electric Palette (Discontinued): I probably have like one occasion to wear this per year but I love the quality of these shadows.  When I do get a chance to use it, the look always comes out really cool.

Kylie Burgandy: I love love love this.  It’s beautiful for the Fall time.

Kylie Holiday 2016 (Limited Edition):  I love how unique the muted jewl tones in this palette are.  In addition, this is the best silver I have ever used.

Kylie’s Diary (Limited Edition): I think this is a super fun addition to my collection.  The hot pink in the middle is gorgeous.

Kat Von D Serpentina (Limited Edition): I love this palette as well.  The jewel tones are everything!

Kat Von D Metal Matte (Limited Edition): I wish this palette was permanent.  The amount of product and the quality is amazing.

Kat Von D Pastel Goth (Limited Edition): This is also beautiful.  Kat Von D totally perfected the matte pastels!

Makeup Geek Manny MUA (Limited Edition): Between the warm tones and Makeup Geek quality, this palette is one of my favorites.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever: I need to use this palette more but I felt that this was a fun drugstore addition to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed my collection! If you would like to see swatches and a review of any of these palettes, please let me know! What’s your favorite palette?

Until next time!




Z-Palette – Single Shadow Collection

I’m such an eyeshadow palette hoarder.  I have probably over forty palettes.  Although I love them, there are few that actually have every single shadow I need.  I feel as though the majority of my palettes are missing a nude color, a highlight or a good transition color.

As of recent, I’ve been loving single eyeshadows.  On days where I don’t feel inspired, or I’m just in a rush, I love reaching for my handmade palettes.  Since every color is hand selected, I don’t feel like I’m struggling to create a look.  I also love buying single shadows, since it’s a more affordable way to try out colors that seem out of your comfort zone.

I currently have two palettes: a warmer, peachy toned one and a pink/purpler cooler tone.  I would love to expand my collection into a neutral, warm, pinks/purples and blue/greens.  I currently have them in Z-palettes.  I know there has been poor customer service going on at Z-palette but at the moment, I can’t bring myself to spend money on a different option.  (If you have any suggestions for the future though, please let me know!)

My collection consists of Colourpop, MAC, Makeup Geek, Urban Decay and Coastal Scents.  They are labeled down below.  Enjoy!

* Disclaimer – Some of these swatches suck.  I’m sorry!  Some of it’s my fault and some of them perform better than they swatch!  Also, I’m super pale and some shades just don’t show up on me!  I’m going to keep working on my swatch photo-taking though, stay tuned for improvement! *

Warm-Toned Peachy Palette:

Colourpop “Let Me Explain” –  This is a perfect light gold highlight shade.  It is a very pale yellow gold and would look stunning on several different skin tones.

Colourpop “Firefly” – This is a matte bone shade.  It’s uber pigmented and perfect for setting down primer.

Colourpop “Locked and Loaded” – This is a matte pale yellow.  Again, I love using this to set my primer and really brightening up the lid.

Colourpop “Tiki” – This is a satin golden yellow with gold flecks.  This is a great lid color, especially in the spring and summer.

Colourpop “Paper Tiger” – This is a gorgeous mustard toned yellow-brown shade.  I love this both on the lid and in the crease.

Makeup Geek “Peach Smoothie” – This is a pale peach shade that is a beautiful transition color.

Coastal Scents “Pumpkin Pie” – This is a very pale mustard tan color that is another great transition shade.

Coastal Scents “Caramel” – This is similar to “Paper Tiger”, but lighter.

Colourpop “Take A Break” – This is a bronze metallic shade, that leans rather pink.  It is stunning all over the lid.

MAC “All That Glitters” – This is a metallic bronze shade, yet this leans more towards the brown end of the spectrum.

Colourpop “Note To Self” – This is a mid-toned, warm brown.  This is a perfect crease shade for warm eye lovers.

Makeup Geek “Frappe” – This is similar to “Note To Self.”  The shadow is extremely bendable and again amazing in the crease.

Colourpop “Bel Air” – This is a neutral medium brown.  It’s not only perfect for the lid and the crease, but can work with both warm and cool looks.

Colourpop “Top Notch” – This is the first of three very similar shades.  This is a deeper, very warm brown.  I’d say this leans more towards a red brown.

Coastal Scents “Oktoberfest” – This is another warm brown, but I find it to be a little more yellow toned.

Makeup Geek “Cocoa Bear” – This is another red toned warm brown.  I love all three and I love them for deepening up a look.

Coastal Scents “Deep Cider” – This is a warm black-brown with flecks of gold, yet comes off pretty matte.  This is great for deepening up the crease.

Colourpop “Issues” – This is a peach transition shade, similar to “Peach Smoothie,” but much more warm.  If you love peach toned eyes, go and buy this A$AP.

Colourpop “Centerfold” – This is a neon matte peach.  I love this in the crease.

Colourpop “Wait For It” – This is similar to “Centerfold” but it leans more pink and not as neon.

Colourpop “I Owe You” – This is a soft nectar matte shade.  This is again beautiful in the crease.

Colourpop “ Making Moves” (Duplicate) –  I received two by accident, but I don’t mind!  This is a matte hot red-orange shade.

Colourpop “Slim Fit” – This is a neon deep peach matte shade.

Colourpop “Cut Outs” – This is a matte red-toned medium peach shade.

Makeup Geek “Morocco” – This is a matte burnt orange shade, and again, is lovely in the crease.

Colourpop “Pinky Promise” – This is a metallic burgundy shade, and is gorgeous on the lid.


Let Me Explain, Firefly, Locked and Loaded, Tiki, Paper Tiger, Peach Smoothie, Pumpkin Pie


Caramel, Take A Break, All That Glitters, Note To Self, Frappe, Bel Air, Top Notch


Oktoberfest, Cocoa Bear, Deep Cider, Issues, Centerfold, Wait For It, I Owe You


Making Moves, Making Moves, Slim Fit, Cut Outs, Morocco, Pinky Promise

Cool-Toned Pink/Purple Palette:

MAC “Filament” – This is a horrible chunky silver shadow, but it was my first product from MAC, so I keep it for sentimental value.

MAC “Gesso” – This is a matte white.

MAC “Brule” – This is a matte nude shade, which is great for setting down primer.

MAC “Omega” – This is a matte, light cool-toned brown.  This is a nice transition shade for a cool toned look.

Coastal Scents “Deep Merlot” – This is a metallic purple-grey, which is perfect for the lid.

Colourpop “Cloud Nine” – This is a matte, deep plum toned brown.  This is great for deepening up the crease.

Colourpop “Goody Two Shoes” – This is a gunmetal metallic grey.

MAC “Digit” – This is a pale lilac satin, and beautiful for a Spring eye look.

MAC “Beautiful Iris” – This is a more lavender satin shadow, and is again beautiful on the lid.

Coastal Scents “Antique Lilac” – This is a pale matte purple, and would make for a nice transition or crease shade.

Colourpop “Silver Lining” – This is a grey toned purple, and would be stunning in the crease for a purple eye look.

Colourpop “143” – This is a pink toned purple (it reminds me of Barney) and is a fun pop of color without being too crazy.

Coastal Scents “Deep Grape” – This is a matte bright violet, and a beautiful way to incorporate purple into a look.

Colourpop “Piece of Cake” – This is a matte cerulean blue.  It is a bit patchy but defiantly workable.

Urban Decay “Scratch” – This is a metallic baby pink, and stunning on the lid.

Coastal Scents “Baby Pink” – This is a pale satin pink.

Colourpop “Labyrinth” – This is a matte mauve toned pink, and a beautiful crease color.

Coastal Scents “ Love Spell” – This is a bright pink matte.

Colourpop “Fair Play” – This is a hot red-toned matte pink.

Colourpop “Stay Golden” – this is a burnt pink-red shade.

Colourpop “Checkmate” – This is a harder shade to work with, but it is a matte pistachio green.


Filament, Gesso, Brule, Omega, Deep Merlot, Cloud Nine, Goody Two Shoes


Digit, Beautiful Iris, Antique Lilac, Silver Lining, 143, Deep Grape, Piece of Cake


Scratch, Baby Pink, Labyrinth, Love Spell, Fair Play, Stay Golden, Checkmate

I absolutely love my collection, and can’t wait to let it continue to grow!  Do you have handmade palettes?  What is you favorite way to organize them?!

Until next time!


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Ride or Die Products


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my holy grail, need em’ everyday, high key obssed, ride or die makeup products.  There are about eight things I cannot live without (one didn’t make the main photo because I’m brain dead) and I’m here to tell you why they’re absolutely amazing.



Bare Minerals Original Foundation:  I figured I’d start with this poor little guy since he didn’t make the first photo.  I don’t even know how I forgot about this considering I probably use this foundation 350 days out the year.  I can’t even tell you how many of these guys I’ve gone through.  I personally don’t like cream or liquid products too much, so this is my perfect foundation.  I get full coverage, but it feels light and doesn’t look cakey.  I’m assuming I’ll be using this until I die.


Maybelline Baby Skin: This was actually featued in my last post as a re-purchase so I don’t want to dive into too much detail, but this is seriously such a great primer.  It’s super quick and easy to use, plus it works great too.


Boiing By Benefit: I’ve been using this concealer for a few years now and I still love it.  This is my favorite under-eye concealor.  It’s so easy to apply and doesn’t make you look like you have a ton of product on.  It’s perfect for any makeup look, and combatting dark circles.


MAC Mineralize Concealer: Although this isn’t an O.G concealer like boiing, this has been in my collection for about a year now and I’m still in love.  This is perfect for covering up imperfections and blemishes.  It’s not drying, and I also love that it’s an actual brush rather than a spongey applicator.



NYX Eyeshadow Base: How I love this little guy.  This is a perfect skin-toned eyeshadow base that’s super easy to apply.  For only costing six dollars, this base keeps your eyeshadows looking nice for a great amount of time.  Although I have some other primers I enjoy, this is one I’m constantly reaching for.



White Eyeshadow: I’m not very brand specific in this category, but every girl needs a good white eyeshadow.  No matter what kind of eye I’m doing, I pretty much always throw a bit of white shadow in the inner corner of my eye.  It just brightens and opens them up so much, I think it’s one of the best makeup tricks out there.



Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara: While I usually switch around which higher end mascaras I’m using, I never stray from this one.  I love to layer my mascaras, since I have short blonde lashes, and this really makes me look like I’ve got some lashes (and that I’m actually an adult).



Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: For a while, I switched to NYX because it was cheaper than the Urban Decay setting spray.  But this is totally worth the money.  Nothing keeps my makeup lasting longer than this.

I hope you guys enjoyed!  What are some of your can’t live without products?

Until next time!



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Which Naked Palette Is Worth Your Time?

In case you haven’t noticed, America is Naked Pallete obssed.  When Urban Decay announced that the Naked Smoky Pallete would be coming out, girls across the country had a near coronary (aka me).  But they’re ridiculosly expensive ($54 to be exact)!  So that’s why there are nutcases like me that own multiple palletes to tell you fine people which ones are worth it, and which ones you can skip.  Let’s get right into which ones I own, why I want to complete my collection, and which pallete’s the best for your lifestyle!



So at the moment, I personally own the Naked 2, the Naked 3, and the first Naked Basics.  I love them all dearly, yet I intend to buy the original Naked, Naked Smoky (when it comes back in stock four years from now, ugg), and the Naked Basics 2.  While it sounds crazy, these products are amazing!  But here’s my suggestions on these palettes.



Naked Basics : This was the first Naked product I purchased from Urban Decay and boy did this little guy get a lot of love.  I personaly don’t use this little one too much anymore because it’s both smashed, and I also tend to reach for my other two Naked Palettes.  But I totally recommend this guy to either a.) someone who wants to see if they’ll actually use a Naked palette and or eyeshadow for that matter or b.) someone who travels alot.  I think this is great for travel, which is why I really want to purchase the Naked 2 Basics.  The Naked 2 Basics looks a bit cooler in tone, plus won’t be getting all my other products dirty when I travel.

So bottom line about the cheaper ($29) Basics palettes are grab one of these guys if you travel a lot or you’re just testing the waters in the Urban Decay Naked line.



Naked 3: This was my first full sized Naked Pallete that I recieved as a gift.  I love love love the Naked 3.  Rose gold is one of my favorite things in the entire world and seriously, this pallete is just so beautiful.  Whenever I have pink on (which is a lot) this is my go to palette for that days look.  If you know you’re going to actually use it, and love light colors, pick up one of these palletes.



Naked 2: I grabbed this pallete on a whim when I was home for Easter break and I am so glad I did.  I find this one less shimmery than Naked 3 and it’s so  incredibly perfect for everyday wear.  The fact that it’s a lot of taupes and golds is a huge plus for me.  You can really wear this pallete with any outfit.

So why would I want the other two palletes?!

a.) I’m a collector (hoarder) and love having every single thing in a line.

b.) These palletes are amazing quality.  The formula of Urban Decay shadows is flawless, and super easy to use.

c.) No matter if I’m getting ready for work, class or going out to the bars, I tend to do more neutral eyes.  These palletes give you so many options in creating a gorgeous neutral look.

d.) I also hate single shadows and only use palettes!

Urban Decay is certinaly a great brand and these palettes are great, but do not buy for these reasons!

a.) You want one because they’re popular, but you hardly wear eyeshadow.  These things go for almost sixty dollars a pop.  Spend it on something you’ll use!

b.) You find they don’t work well for your skin tone.

c.) Don’t buy the Basics palletes if you don’t travel or have the full sized ones (and don’t want to collect all of them!).  They’re something that a lot of people don’t reach for often if they have the full sized palletes.

So, that’s my advice on the Urban Decay Naked Palletes!

Until next time!




Nordstrom Rack Haul!

Hello beautiful people!

If you’ve never checked out the beauty section at Nordstrom Rack, get in your car right now and get down there.  The deals on high-end products are absolutely amazing.

So I went there looking for shoes for my cousins wedding.  I didn’t come out with any shoes, but I did come out with absolutey amazing makeup products at even more amazing prices.  I haven’t gotten to try any of these bad boys yet, but based on the brands, I’m hoping I’ll really love them!

(Side note: I’m really sorry again for the terrible photo quality, I promise I am upgrading in a few weeks!)

unnamedSo, at the rack I picked up three different things.


1.) The Lorac Royal Eyeshadow Pallete Set :  This is a set that come with three Lorac eyeshadow quads.  They normally retail for thirty five dollars.  I paid about seventeen!  I really love Lorac shadows, and I’m excited to use these on a regular basis.  The colors are right up my alley as well, as they are fairly neutral.  They are called Plum Velvet, Silver Silk, and Gold Satain, aka these are the three basic colors I am always reaching for.  I can’t wait to try these beauties out!


2.) Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Pallete: I love Urban Decay shadows, and I’m always using my Naked Palletes.  This baby was only fifteen dollars when it’s usually thirty five, so I figured I had to give it a go.  I realy love the looks of this pallete, with all the nuetral shadows.  It’ll be perfect for travel with it’s sleek packaging and minumum shadows.  When I quickly swatched some of these guys they were pigmented and smooth.


3.) Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme in Vanilla Glow: So, I usually stay away from buying foundation because I’m very happy with my Bare Minerals powder.  But, this retails for over thirty dollars and it was seven at the rack so I had to buy it because I’m an actual hoarder.  When I dipped my finger into this it’s almost the consistency of Boing by Benefit.  I’m really excited to try this out and stray from my normal powder routine.

So bottom line is, if you’ve never checked out Norstrom Rack for makeup before, do it!  You can get some great disconitnued products for amazing prices.

Until next time!


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Makeup Obsession : When and Why to Buy Expensive Beauty Products

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, makeup blogging and you-tubing has become main stream.  What has also become mainstream are larger than life makeup collections.  But with products running up to over thirty dollars for every a lipstick (I’m looking at you NARS), how does one build up a collection, and justify it?  Things are expensive, and some products may never actually get used.  Here are some tips of when to buy, what to buy, and if you really need it.

Buy, Buy, Buy!

1.) If it’s limited edition.

Example: Benefit Boxed powders are one of my favorite blushes.  If you haven’t tried them, they are absolutely amazing.  Yet, sometimes colors get discontinued.  Which brings me to Bella Bamba.  The color was recently taken out of stores, and I was super bummed that I was going to have to search for it at a jacked up price on Amazon (I have a problem).  But alas, the site has been selling a full sized version of it with a tint for the same price as a normal boxed powder.  BUY THAT ISH!  True it’s still $28 now, but when you finally find it on some sketchy website it will probably be double.  Jump on the opportunity.

2.) If it’s a special occasion.

Three words: it’s your birthday.  Treat yo self once a year.

3.) One word : coupons.

Watch out for coupons, especially at places like Ulta!  Sure they might be for only twenty percent off, but that can take off a significant chunk of change if the item you’re looking to purchase is expensive.

4.) It’s just a fricken’ good deal!

Sometimes if there’s a sale, you just need to jump on it.  I recently became aware of the BH cosmetics floral blush duos.  I saw them and I had to have them! They are usually about ten dollars a piece, not super pricy for a blush but still, ten dollars can get me three days of Dunkin Donuts coffees.  I recently found the blushes on sale for four dollars a piece, totaling twenty dollars to purchase all of them (with free shipping)!  If there is a deal like that, sometimes you just need to bit the bullet.

When you need to put that credit card away:

1.) Don’t buy it just because it’s in.

I see this as a problem that I am as well totally guilty of, especially with the Urban Decay Naked palettes.  The Naked Line has taken American women by storm, and for a good reason.  The products are amazing quality.  The pigmentation and formulas are amazing, as well as the color selection.  But, if you really think about it, they’re all neutral palettes.  With different undertones, are they really flattering on everyone? Do you need all of them?

Does anyone really need to spend $54 on an eyeshadow palette?  Probably not, but these are somewhat investment pieces, especially for avid makeup collectors and users.  But if you’re just starting out on makeup, don’t drop the fifty bucks just because you think you need it.  Rather, opt for one of the Naked Basic palettes (which have some of the same shades) or even a cheaper brand such as BH cosmetics or NYX.  Almost every one is coming out with knock-offs.

2.) Twitter says it’s in.

Nothing drives me more insane than girls running out to buy “Brave” by MAC just because Kylie Jenner says to.  Can it be a gorgeous lip color?  Of course! But, if you want to spend almost twenty dollars on a lipstick, go into the store and talk to the people working.  There might be a similar tone that’s even better for your complexion.  Don’t jump the gun on a fairly expensive purchase because a Kardashian says so.

3.) Don’t buy a million things from one line on the first try.

I’m not saying to purchase full lines of makeup if you love them.  I personally have most of the Maybeline vivids.  I tried one and was absolutely hooked, and kept going back for more.  But sometimes, products are not what they appear to be.  Even if you hear great things about an item, try one before you sink a bunch of money into it.  They’ll most likely still be at the store to come back and purchase.

4.) The name.

I am such an offender of this rule.  I love flamingos.  I see anything named flamingo and buy it.  But, sometimes I’m not thrilled with it.  Go for the color not the name, the product is for sure more important than the title it has.


I’m obsessed with buying makeup, but am really trying to cut back.  Makeup is something to be used and greatly loved, not to just be placed on display.  I hope these quick tips help you decide on what purchases to make and help you start to build up your makeup collection!

Until next time!


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