ABH Subculture Palette: Worth the hype or the drama?











Hello all!  I haven’t posted in a hot minute.  I’ve been crazy busy, and will be starting my first education job tomorrow!  Anyways, I need to get on a better posting schedule and figure out my life.  Butttttt, just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean I haven’t been buying!  I’ve been working on this post for quite some time, so, here we go!

The Anastasia Subculture palette has been one of the most dRaMaTiC products of 2017.  I just don’t get it.  I’m going to start out this review saying that I actually ADORE this palette, but I do understand people’s certain issues with the palette, and the marketing.  I know this review is sort of late to the game.  However, I wanted to use this palette for quite some time to give you my real thoughts.  I used this every single day for work for a week.  In addition, I used this Friday night for more of a going out look.  If you guys are still interested in this palette keep reading!

First of all, when I first saw this palette leak, I nearly died.  I live for Fall, and although I love a good Burgundy palette, I feel like I have so many.  This palette reminds me of late October and early November when the leaves are in full force and Winter starts coming in.  The palette has warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones.  In my opinion I find it to be more versatile than the Modern Renaissance (my all time fave).  I used this palette every day for a week and also for a nighttime going out look.  I just feel like the color scheme works well for several situations.  It’s both on trend while still being different from other palettes on the market.

In addition, I appreciate this palette due to the matte to non-matte ratio.  There are two duo-chromes (one which I personally find to be more metallic) and one metallic.  Eleven mattes round out the palette.  I hate when there are not enough matte shadows in a palette, as I find that it becomes to difficult to create different looks.  I really cannot say enough good things about the color scheme.

As for issues with the palette (and my counter thoughts on some of them), I do agree that the marketing was not the best.  This palette was marketed as a sister to the Modern Renaissance.  While I still like the formula of Subculture, I do agree that it is different.  This palette contains more of a pressed pigment situation and that can lead to difficulty blending etc.  While I love it, and see how the colors complement the Modern Renaissance, I cannot agree that it is totally a sister palette.

As for the fall out, I find that there was more drama than fall out.  When I first received my palette after seeing horrible reviews, I took the brush the came with it and dipped it into both the Subculture and Modern Renaissance.  I noticed the same fall out.  I personally love more powdery shadows and find them easier to work with.  In fact, I tested out the palette against Colourpop and Lorac shadows, and felt that the fall out was comparable.  I just don’t understand why people were swirling their brushes around and creating the kick up.  The shadows are super pigmented and you just need a bit on your brush.

As for the blendability, I do agree that some of these shades are a bit difficult.  I find the the blues/greens/reds are difficult to blend out, however, it can be done.  You just need to spend time building up the color. These are colors that I would typically use for a night out so that doesn’t bother me too much.  More neutral colors like “Dawn” and “Roxy” work well for me, especially in the crease.  This isn’t the easiest palette to work with but I don’t find that it’s impossible.  I really love the looks I’ve been able to create.

People also felt that the staying power wasn’t there.  I totally disagree!  I’ve worn these shadows to work and they’ve lasted all day long.  I have used the shimmer and duo chromes with a setting spray so that they appear more intense, but these colors have worked well for me.  I typically use the Anastasia concealer and then a primer on my eyes when applying shadow, and I felt that this worked just as well with the Subculture.

All in all I actually love this palette so much.  I do certainly see people’s points about the fall out and blending.  However, I can look past that.  I find that this is such a great Fall palette that’s a bit more unique to my collection.

Did you guys get this or are you so over it?! let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time!



Quick Update!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Monograms and Makeup!

First off, there have recently been a lot of posts about high end brands on my blog.  That’s because I love high end.  Howeverrrrrrr, I absolutely love affordable and drug store options too!  So, stay tuned, because there are going to be counter-parts to these posts.  There will be definitely be more variety coming up.

Secondly, I have also been doing a lot of hauls (that are about to go up).  First off, I had a moment of weakness for my wallet and made a few orders.  I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I bought!  I personally love watching haul videos and seeing what’s new.  Furthermore, I want to start doing monthly favorites.  I was thinking it may good to post hauls as well so that you guys can see if any new products will make the favorites club!

Third, I am wicked excited to say that I finally signed up for BoxyCharm, which is the only subscription service I’ve been truly interested in.  So, I will be doing monthly unboxings.  However, I am currently on the waiting list.  I’m hoping to get the September box if I can’t get the August!

Lastly, keep your eyes open for some new posts in the upcoming weeks:

  • Favorite Going Out Makeup
  • Affordable Skin Care
  • Several Lip Swatch Comparisons (MAC and Colourpop)
  • Subculture Palette Review
  • Cheap Makeup Storage

Until next time!



Jaclyn Hill Palette – Worth the Hype?


I’m going to start this post with a few disclaimers:

1.) Yes – I’m aware of the hype surrounding this palette.

2.) Some people think Youtuber collaborations are never good – I will be shortly posting a whole article on this topic.  I am a fan of Jaclyn but if the palette wasn’t great, I’d let you know!

3.) While I am a fan of Morphe, they’re not my number one brand.  I love the palettes I own but I would never go as far to call them my favorite.

Now that those are out of the way, I’m just going to say I am IN LOVE with this palette.  First of all, the packaging is beautiful.  While white packaging obviously gets trashed pretty quickly, I kind of love it.  It reminds my of my Lorac Mega Pro 3.  I personally love when my palettes look used, as it seems like they are loved.


The palette is currently sold out, however it will be re-stocked.  I waited for about thirty minutes to check out when purchasing during the launch, it sold out in about forty minutes. It retails for $38.00 and you can always find Morphe affiliate codes (and of course Jaclyn’s) all over Youtube if you want to save some money.

The actual color layout of this palette is phenomenal.  First of all you have a ton of warm tones.  I live for a warm eye and this palette doesn’t disappoint.  However, there are pops of purple and teal that are beautiful.  I feel like you have almost everything in this palette : warms, cools, pops of color and smokey tones.  My one complaint is that for my fair skin, there is no good cream or white shade to set down my primer.  Nevertheless, I have enough shadows in my collection to use in conjunction, or I can always use a setting powder.

Now for the actual formulation.  This took Jaclyn two years to create.  Each shade was formulated differently.  I personally think it shows.  The mattes are super blend-able as well as pigmented.  What I’m even more impressed with is the pigmentation of the metallics.  I typically enjoy Morphe’s shimmers over their mattes, but I feel like these metallics are even superior to their typical shadows. I used the bright teal the other day and did not need to apply a setting spray at all to wet the brush.  The eye appeared foiled without being wet.  You will be able to see in my swatches just how concentrated and pigmented the shadows are.  I will also add that the mattes perform better than they swatch!


These will be swatched from left to right, seven across for five rows!

Enlight, Beam, Silk Creme, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady


Creamsicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Firework, Queen


Obsessed, S.B.N, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple


Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha


Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop, Abyss


I also included a side by side comparison of the Jaclyn Hill palette and the 35OM as some people have voiced that they felt it was basically a copy of the 35O (I don’t own the original to compare it to, only the matte version).  I personally feel as though they are both pretty different!


I totally recommend this palette and I hope you can get your hands on it!

Until next time!



BH Cosmetics Floral Duos : Swatches and Review

Hello all, and happy fourth of July weekend!

Today I wanted to talk about the BH Cosmetics floral duos.  I’ve purchased brands like Coastal Scents before, but never BH, so this is my first go with the company.  I saw these blushes  shown in a makeup collection on youtube, and I was dying to get my hands on them.  Specifically, the lilac one caught my eye, since I’m a total sucker for any lavender type color.


Ok, so I totally broke my own rule with this purchase. I didn’t try any of them, and literally bought the entire line. But, BH was having a ridiculous sale, and these babies were going for four dollars a pop. Aka I got the whole line (ten blushes) for twenty dollars. It was a steal!!

I just received them today, so I haven’t actually worn them on my face yet.  But, I have swatched them all and I’m really pleased.  The colors are super pigmented and smooth to put on.  The packaging is also to die for, it’s so pretty and closes really nicely (they remind me of thebalm packaging).  Also, some of the duos have colors that lean more towards a bronzer or highlight, which is also exciting!  Plus, they’re a lot larger than I anticipated which is a plus.

Below I’ve attempted to swatch them all for you.  I’m sorry the quality is not great, I’m still living the iPhone 4 life for a few more weeks!! Here’s the link to the BH site as they’ll provide nicer photos.

Here are my swatches and from the top, they start with the right pan and then the left in each product.  They are as follows; Iris, Tulip, Rose, Daisy and Lilac.


Iris: Wow I am obsessed with this duo.  I can’t wait to rock it in the Winter.  The right pan is a great everyday color, a soft shimmery pink. While it’s nothing too specical on it’s own, it’s a great color to have in your collection, as well as to mix with the left side of the duo.  The left side is a deep berry, a bit similar to MAC’s Fever, but I find it to be a little more wearable, and perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons.

Tulip: I was really excited for this duo, and while it is not excactly what I expected, I think I will really be enjoying this one.   The right pan I think is definetly a bronzer color for me, I find it way too brown-toned to be a blush.  But, it will go absolutley amazing with the left side of the duo.  It’s a bright coral type of pink, ideal for summer, yet the duo strikes me as being great for the Fall as well.  This side is much more matte as well, which with balance out the shimmer of the bronzer perfectly.

Rose: I’m thriled for this one (I guess I’m thrilled with all of them though!).  The right side is another bronzer type shade, but I am actually in love with this one!  It’s a fairly light, shimmery brown, perfect for lighter skin tones, and nice for the Summer time.  The left side, which is more of a blush, is great as well.  It reminds me of MAC’s Dollymix, but it definitely goes a bit lighter on the skin and will work great for an everyday or going out look.

Daisy: I also really love this one as well, and once again I’m thrilled it’s not just two pink-toned blushes.  The right pan is a candy pink, that is sort of reminisent of MAC’s Pink Swoon (which by the way, IS MY FAVE BLUSH, WHICH WAS DISCONTINUED BUT NOW IS BACK ON THE MAC WEBSITE AND EN ROUTE TO MY HOUSE!!!!).  Anyways, it’s a great everyday color, and totally amazing for Spring and Summer.  AS for the left side, Im really excited for this.  It’s a sandy-golden color, and I think you could really use this as a great blush, highlight or bronzer, depending on your skin type and what look you’re going for.

…and finally, the one that started it all;

Lilac: This one did not disapoint!!  The right side is one of the softest pinks you’ll ever find, and could be a great highlight or blush.  The left side is just, ugg, so beautiful!  It’s the perfect shade of orchid, which will be great for everyday looks in the Spring, and also great for going out.

All in all, these are basically amazing!  The sale ends tonight at midnight so go grab them for four dollars a piece while you still can!!

Until next time!