Becca Highlight Comparison 


Today I just wanted to upload a quick post!  Later this week, I will be uploading my Subculture palette review.  That review will be quite detailed (spoiler, I love the palette but still have some issues with it!) so I didn’t want to rush into it tonight.  Anyways, I thought I would do a quick comparison post about some of my favorite products, Becca highlights (shimmering skin perfectors pressed).  These are certainly tied with my Anastasia glow kits for favorite highlight.  I own most of the line so I thought I would give a quick description and swatches.

These highlights retail for $38.00 a pop, so they are fairly pricy.  However, I personally feel as though they are worth the price tag.  They give an intense glow without being glittery or leaving a harsh stripe on the cheek bone.  They’re natural but really pop.


(Bottom to Top: Prismatic Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Moonstone, Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop, Rose Gold)


Prismatic Amethyst is on of the newest shades, and limited edition.  This is a purple duo-chrome.


Rose Quartz is a limited edition shade, and is a true pink.


Pearl is perfect for fair skin tones, as it is a stark white.


Moonstone is a light, yellow gold, and probably my most used shade.


Prosecco Pop is one of Jaclyn Hill’s shades, and it is a true, yellow gold.


Champagne Pop is a champagne, pink-toned shade, and a bit darker.  It is beautiful for several skin tones.


Rose Gold is a deeper highlight, and as the name states, it is a true rose gold.  I received this mini in a Sephora kit I purchased.  It is a bit too dark for me however I enjoy it nonetheless.

Do you own any of these?  What are you favorites?

Until next time!




Z-Palette – Single Shadow Collection

I’m such an eyeshadow palette hoarder.  I have probably over forty palettes.  Although I love them, there are few that actually have every single shadow I need.  I feel as though the majority of my palettes are missing a nude color, a highlight or a good transition color.

As of recent, I’ve been loving single eyeshadows.  On days where I don’t feel inspired, or I’m just in a rush, I love reaching for my handmade palettes.  Since every color is hand selected, I don’t feel like I’m struggling to create a look.  I also love buying single shadows, since it’s a more affordable way to try out colors that seem out of your comfort zone.

I currently have two palettes: a warmer, peachy toned one and a pink/purpler cooler tone.  I would love to expand my collection into a neutral, warm, pinks/purples and blue/greens.  I currently have them in Z-palettes.  I know there has been poor customer service going on at Z-palette but at the moment, I can’t bring myself to spend money on a different option.  (If you have any suggestions for the future though, please let me know!)

My collection consists of Colourpop, MAC, Makeup Geek, Urban Decay and Coastal Scents.  They are labeled down below.  Enjoy!

* Disclaimer – Some of these swatches suck.  I’m sorry!  Some of it’s my fault and some of them perform better than they swatch!  Also, I’m super pale and some shades just don’t show up on me!  I’m going to keep working on my swatch photo-taking though, stay tuned for improvement! *

Warm-Toned Peachy Palette:

Colourpop “Let Me Explain” –  This is a perfect light gold highlight shade.  It is a very pale yellow gold and would look stunning on several different skin tones.

Colourpop “Firefly” – This is a matte bone shade.  It’s uber pigmented and perfect for setting down primer.

Colourpop “Locked and Loaded” – This is a matte pale yellow.  Again, I love using this to set my primer and really brightening up the lid.

Colourpop “Tiki” – This is a satin golden yellow with gold flecks.  This is a great lid color, especially in the spring and summer.

Colourpop “Paper Tiger” – This is a gorgeous mustard toned yellow-brown shade.  I love this both on the lid and in the crease.

Makeup Geek “Peach Smoothie” – This is a pale peach shade that is a beautiful transition color.

Coastal Scents “Pumpkin Pie” – This is a very pale mustard tan color that is another great transition shade.

Coastal Scents “Caramel” – This is similar to “Paper Tiger”, but lighter.

Colourpop “Take A Break” – This is a bronze metallic shade, that leans rather pink.  It is stunning all over the lid.

MAC “All That Glitters” – This is a metallic bronze shade, yet this leans more towards the brown end of the spectrum.

Colourpop “Note To Self” – This is a mid-toned, warm brown.  This is a perfect crease shade for warm eye lovers.

Makeup Geek “Frappe” – This is similar to “Note To Self.”  The shadow is extremely bendable and again amazing in the crease.

Colourpop “Bel Air” – This is a neutral medium brown.  It’s not only perfect for the lid and the crease, but can work with both warm and cool looks.

Colourpop “Top Notch” – This is the first of three very similar shades.  This is a deeper, very warm brown.  I’d say this leans more towards a red brown.

Coastal Scents “Oktoberfest” – This is another warm brown, but I find it to be a little more yellow toned.

Makeup Geek “Cocoa Bear” – This is another red toned warm brown.  I love all three and I love them for deepening up a look.

Coastal Scents “Deep Cider” – This is a warm black-brown with flecks of gold, yet comes off pretty matte.  This is great for deepening up the crease.

Colourpop “Issues” – This is a peach transition shade, similar to “Peach Smoothie,” but much more warm.  If you love peach toned eyes, go and buy this A$AP.

Colourpop “Centerfold” – This is a neon matte peach.  I love this in the crease.

Colourpop “Wait For It” – This is similar to “Centerfold” but it leans more pink and not as neon.

Colourpop “I Owe You” – This is a soft nectar matte shade.  This is again beautiful in the crease.

Colourpop “ Making Moves” (Duplicate) –  I received two by accident, but I don’t mind!  This is a matte hot red-orange shade.

Colourpop “Slim Fit” – This is a neon deep peach matte shade.

Colourpop “Cut Outs” – This is a matte red-toned medium peach shade.

Makeup Geek “Morocco” – This is a matte burnt orange shade, and again, is lovely in the crease.

Colourpop “Pinky Promise” – This is a metallic burgundy shade, and is gorgeous on the lid.


Let Me Explain, Firefly, Locked and Loaded, Tiki, Paper Tiger, Peach Smoothie, Pumpkin Pie


Caramel, Take A Break, All That Glitters, Note To Self, Frappe, Bel Air, Top Notch


Oktoberfest, Cocoa Bear, Deep Cider, Issues, Centerfold, Wait For It, I Owe You


Making Moves, Making Moves, Slim Fit, Cut Outs, Morocco, Pinky Promise

Cool-Toned Pink/Purple Palette:

MAC “Filament” – This is a horrible chunky silver shadow, but it was my first product from MAC, so I keep it for sentimental value.

MAC “Gesso” – This is a matte white.

MAC “Brule” – This is a matte nude shade, which is great for setting down primer.

MAC “Omega” – This is a matte, light cool-toned brown.  This is a nice transition shade for a cool toned look.

Coastal Scents “Deep Merlot” – This is a metallic purple-grey, which is perfect for the lid.

Colourpop “Cloud Nine” – This is a matte, deep plum toned brown.  This is great for deepening up the crease.

Colourpop “Goody Two Shoes” – This is a gunmetal metallic grey.

MAC “Digit” – This is a pale lilac satin, and beautiful for a Spring eye look.

MAC “Beautiful Iris” – This is a more lavender satin shadow, and is again beautiful on the lid.

Coastal Scents “Antique Lilac” – This is a pale matte purple, and would make for a nice transition or crease shade.

Colourpop “Silver Lining” – This is a grey toned purple, and would be stunning in the crease for a purple eye look.

Colourpop “143” – This is a pink toned purple (it reminds me of Barney) and is a fun pop of color without being too crazy.

Coastal Scents “Deep Grape” – This is a matte bright violet, and a beautiful way to incorporate purple into a look.

Colourpop “Piece of Cake” – This is a matte cerulean blue.  It is a bit patchy but defiantly workable.

Urban Decay “Scratch” – This is a metallic baby pink, and stunning on the lid.

Coastal Scents “Baby Pink” – This is a pale satin pink.

Colourpop “Labyrinth” – This is a matte mauve toned pink, and a beautiful crease color.

Coastal Scents “ Love Spell” – This is a bright pink matte.

Colourpop “Fair Play” – This is a hot red-toned matte pink.

Colourpop “Stay Golden” – this is a burnt pink-red shade.

Colourpop “Checkmate” – This is a harder shade to work with, but it is a matte pistachio green.


Filament, Gesso, Brule, Omega, Deep Merlot, Cloud Nine, Goody Two Shoes


Digit, Beautiful Iris, Antique Lilac, Silver Lining, 143, Deep Grape, Piece of Cake


Scratch, Baby Pink, Labyrinth, Love Spell, Fair Play, Stay Golden, Checkmate

I absolutely love my collection, and can’t wait to let it continue to grow!  Do you have handmade palettes?  What is you favorite way to organize them?!

Until next time!



BH Cosmetics Floral Duos : Swatches and Review

Hello all, and happy fourth of July weekend!

Today I wanted to talk about the BH Cosmetics floral duos.  I’ve purchased brands like Coastal Scents before, but never BH, so this is my first go with the company.  I saw these blushes  shown in a makeup collection on youtube, and I was dying to get my hands on them.  Specifically, the lilac one caught my eye, since I’m a total sucker for any lavender type color.


Ok, so I totally broke my own rule with this purchase. I didn’t try any of them, and literally bought the entire line. But, BH was having a ridiculous sale, and these babies were going for four dollars a pop. Aka I got the whole line (ten blushes) for twenty dollars. It was a steal!!

I just received them today, so I haven’t actually worn them on my face yet.  But, I have swatched them all and I’m really pleased.  The colors are super pigmented and smooth to put on.  The packaging is also to die for, it’s so pretty and closes really nicely (they remind me of thebalm packaging).  Also, some of the duos have colors that lean more towards a bronzer or highlight, which is also exciting!  Plus, they’re a lot larger than I anticipated which is a plus.

Below I’ve attempted to swatch them all for you.  I’m sorry the quality is not great, I’m still living the iPhone 4 life for a few more weeks!! Here’s the link to the BH site as they’ll provide nicer photos.

Here are my swatches and from the top, they start with the right pan and then the left in each product.  They are as follows; Iris, Tulip, Rose, Daisy and Lilac.


Iris: Wow I am obsessed with this duo.  I can’t wait to rock it in the Winter.  The right pan is a great everyday color, a soft shimmery pink. While it’s nothing too specical on it’s own, it’s a great color to have in your collection, as well as to mix with the left side of the duo.  The left side is a deep berry, a bit similar to MAC’s Fever, but I find it to be a little more wearable, and perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons.

Tulip: I was really excited for this duo, and while it is not excactly what I expected, I think I will really be enjoying this one.   The right pan I think is definetly a bronzer color for me, I find it way too brown-toned to be a blush.  But, it will go absolutley amazing with the left side of the duo.  It’s a bright coral type of pink, ideal for summer, yet the duo strikes me as being great for the Fall as well.  This side is much more matte as well, which with balance out the shimmer of the bronzer perfectly.

Rose: I’m thriled for this one (I guess I’m thrilled with all of them though!).  The right side is another bronzer type shade, but I am actually in love with this one!  It’s a fairly light, shimmery brown, perfect for lighter skin tones, and nice for the Summer time.  The left side, which is more of a blush, is great as well.  It reminds me of MAC’s Dollymix, but it definitely goes a bit lighter on the skin and will work great for an everyday or going out look.

Daisy: I also really love this one as well, and once again I’m thrilled it’s not just two pink-toned blushes.  The right pan is a candy pink, that is sort of reminisent of MAC’s Pink Swoon (which by the way, IS MY FAVE BLUSH, WHICH WAS DISCONTINUED BUT NOW IS BACK ON THE MAC WEBSITE AND EN ROUTE TO MY HOUSE!!!!).  Anyways, it’s a great everyday color, and totally amazing for Spring and Summer.  AS for the left side, Im really excited for this.  It’s a sandy-golden color, and I think you could really use this as a great blush, highlight or bronzer, depending on your skin type and what look you’re going for.

…and finally, the one that started it all;

Lilac: This one did not disapoint!!  The right side is one of the softest pinks you’ll ever find, and could be a great highlight or blush.  The left side is just, ugg, so beautiful!  It’s the perfect shade of orchid, which will be great for everyday looks in the Spring, and also great for going out.

All in all, these are basically amazing!  The sale ends tonight at midnight so go grab them for four dollars a piece while you still can!!

Until next time!