Becca Highlight Comparison 


Today I just wanted to upload a quick post!  Later this week, I will be uploading my Subculture palette review.  That review will be quite detailed (spoiler, I love the palette but still have some issues with it!) so I didn’t want to rush into it tonight.  Anyways, I thought I would do a quick comparison post about some of my favorite products, Becca highlights (shimmering skin perfectors pressed).  These are certainly tied with my Anastasia glow kits for favorite highlight.  I own most of the line so I thought I would give a quick description and swatches.

These highlights retail for $38.00 a pop, so they are fairly pricy.  However, I personally feel as though they are worth the price tag.  They give an intense glow without being glittery or leaving a harsh stripe on the cheek bone.  They’re natural but really pop.


(Bottom to Top: Prismatic Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Moonstone, Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop, Rose Gold)


Prismatic Amethyst is on of the newest shades, and limited edition.  This is a purple duo-chrome.


Rose Quartz is a limited edition shade, and is a true pink.


Pearl is perfect for fair skin tones, as it is a stark white.


Moonstone is a light, yellow gold, and probably my most used shade.


Prosecco Pop is one of Jaclyn Hill’s shades, and it is a true, yellow gold.


Champagne Pop is a champagne, pink-toned shade, and a bit darker.  It is beautiful for several skin tones.


Rose Gold is a deeper highlight, and as the name states, it is a true rose gold.  I received this mini in a Sephora kit I purchased.  It is a bit too dark for me however I enjoy it nonetheless.

Do you own any of these?  What are you favorites?

Until next time!