Boxy Thoughts (I never did unboxings September through November lol)


Before I do my Boxycharm unboxing that I received this month, I thought I would give my thoughts on some random products that I never got around to unboxing from, oh I don’t know, September to December!

Whoops! Life gets in the way sometimes!

One product I got in November I believe was the Cover FX illuminating setting spray. Typically I just purchase my Urban Decay all-nighter spray, however, I enjoy trying different setting sprays on my dry skin. This one works beautifully. The mist is super fine, and leaves a dewy finish on the skin. I would for sure purchase this again.

Another product was the KNC beauty sheet lip mask. Three of these jelly like masks came in a box. They were supposed to hydrate and plump. These were slightly hydrating but I didn’t feel like they did anything drastic. I would not pick these up again.


I got a few lippies through the months. The top burgundy one shown is “Storm” from Laqa and Co. cosmetics. This is a gorgeous color, and the matte formula is actually super comfortable. However, the applicator is super thick, which makes application difficult. The middle shade is the Tarteist lip paint in “Salty.” I actually like this matte formula. It’s fairly comfortable and applies well. I also really enjoy the color of this lipstick. It’s a nice peachy nude, and I think it will be perfect for spring. The last shade is “Stripped” from Colourpop’s satin lip range. I love this formula and have several, so I was super pumped to get this beautiful nude shade.


One product I was super glad to receive was the Becca pressed highlight in “Prosecco Pop.” While I already had this in the Jaclyn Hill palette, I was super pumped to receive a single of this. I love a true gold highlight and this color is gorgeous. Plus you can’t beat the formula of Becca’s highlights. In addition, the price point was awesome, as it was almost double what boxycharm costs on its own!


In addition, I received the Winklux Kitten palette. I nearly died at the packaging. Cats and pink, my two favorite things. This is actually a super nice palette. I really love the color range, it’s a bit more unique than what we’ve seen on the market recently. In addition, the shadows blend and apply really well. This was definitely a hit product for me.

I hope I didn’t miss anything! I’ll have this months Boxycharm up soon! I truly love this service!

Do you guys get Boxycharm? What has been your favorite product thus far?

Until next time!


2018 Project Pan





Hello, it’s been a bit!  The end of 2017 was absolutely crazy.  However, I’ve been thinking a lot about my collection.  While I love having a huge collection, I feel like there are certain items that I just don’t need anymore.  So, I’ve decided to do a project pan for this year!  Before I tell you what I will be panning, I wanted to break down my different reasons for getting rid of products.  In addition, I hope to post some updates throughout the year.

One big reason I want to pan some of these products is because they are not cruelty free.  When I decided to go cruelty free in 2017, I did not get rid of all the non-cruelty free products in my collection.  Since I had already spent the money, I felt that it would be wasteful to get rid of them.  So, I’ve been trying to use these specific products up.

Another reason I am panning some of these products is because they’re just mediocre, and don’t get enough use.  I’m constantly purchasing new makeup and I find that it’s a total waste if I’m not using my old things.  So, without further ado, here is what I am going to attempt to pan this year!

Disclaimer – some of these products either have pan or are somewhat used up.  I felt like this would be helpful since this is my first time attempting a project pan.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance: So i’ve already hit pan on two shades.  This is my absolute favorite palette, and I’ve actually already purchased a backup.  Before I open that one I want to use this one up!

Naked Basics: This is the first high end palette I ever purchased.  While I loved it, I just have too many neutral shadows.  Plus I have four full died naked palettes, so I just do not need this little guy in my collection anymore.

Colourpop “Making Moves”: I was accidentally sent this shadow twice.  It’s a nice orange toned eyeshadow and I feel as though I can hopefully use it all up.

Colourpop “Goody Two Shoes”: This shadow is one I purchased and I do not think I have used.  I’m not sure if I can completely finish this guy up, however, I would love to just see some pan on this.

Benefit “Hoola”: This is a pan version of the Benefit classic.  I have the box o’blush version, and I do not need two of these bronzers.  This is a nice everyday bronzer and I think I can hit pan.

MAC “Well Dressed”: This is a really pretty blush, and will work well layered with other blushes.  This is a MAC non-cruelty free item, and I’m just trying to move it out of my collection.

Nars “Orgasm”: Another non-cruelty free blush, however, I have already began to hit pan on this.  I love this blush but I certainly have similar shades.  It’s time for this baby to move on.

Coty Airspun Powder: This is another non-cruelty free item.  In addition, it’s not my favorite loose powder, and I would love to try some better loose powders this year.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo: I used to love this product for travel.  However, the pan detached from the plastic and it is now difficult to transport.  Again, this is not cruelty free and needs to go.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I’ve been through a few of these and I have plenty of other powders.  It already has major pan and needs to leave the collection.

Benefit “Sugarbomb”: This product is super old, and I have another one in a palette.  It’s a stunning blush but I do not need two.

NYX Eyeshadow Base: My favorite eyeshadow prime is the two faced shadow insurance.  I don’t feel as though I need a large collection of eye primers and this one is just alright.

Colourpop “Crimper”: I have a million super shock shadows.  I love them, but kind of forget about them.  So, as this one is not my favorite shade, I want to try to use it up.

MAC Strobe Cream Mini: This is a product that is close to being gone.  I like mixing this in with primer.  It’s another non-cruelty free and it needs to go.

Benefit Professional Mini: This is very similar to my strobe cream.  It’s gotta get out, and in addition, I’m not a huge fan of the silicon type primers.

Este Edit Pore Vanishing Stick: This is almost gone as well and it’s very mediocre to me.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation: This is about halfway gone.  This foundation is alright.  I felt like it was overpriced and I would just like to move it out of the collection.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: I had a few of these concealers, and I loved them.  However, it’s not cruelty free and I shouldn’t hold on to it any longer.

I’m really hoping that I can use these items up!  Are you guys into project pans?  Are you trying to get rid of anything this year?

Until next time!



Kylie Cosmetics “Red Velvet” Lip Kit



On this blog, it’s not secret that I’m super basic, and therefore have fallen in love with Kylie cosmetics. This Christmas, I snagged the lip kit in “Red Velvet.” It’s my first red from Kylie cosmetics, so stay tuned for my mini review!

I already have a post dedicated to Kylie Cosmetics in general that I will link Here. So, I don’t want to waste too much time discussing the formula. I will say that I love the consistency. It’s fairly comfortable and lasts literally forever. Be sure to check out my other post for more in depth information.

I’m obsessed with this packaging. I kept the box for a Christmas decoration. The sparkly green lips and peppermint on the front make me so incredibly happy (I am literally a Christmas elf and or Bob Cratchit). The actually lipstick packaging has a white outline and drips, which is different from the normal glossy black.

This lip kit is no exception to my obsession. I used to constantly wear red, and while I have moved into the nude territory, I still live for a red lip. This is a gorgeous bright red, which leans towards a bit more of a warm tone. It’s a festive shade, and fits in perfectly with the holiday aesthetic. I’m so happy I got my hands on this shade.

The formula on this shade is fantastic. It isn’t patchy whatsoever, which can happen occasionally with deeper colors. I know I’ll get quite a bit of use out of this shade.

All in all, I’m thrilled I added this to my Kylie collection. The color is festive, fun, and long lasting for Christmas!

Do you guys love or hate Kylie cosmetics? Did you grab any of the holiday releases?

Until next time!



December 2017 Boxycharm



Hello all!  Today I wanted to share what I received in my December 2017 Boxycharm.  I have been the worst with this blog and I missed unboxing from September to November.  I will have a post up this week which talks about some of the products I received in those boxes.  Without further ado, here is what I got for December 2017.

The first thing I received was the “Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara” ($23.00).  I was super excited to get this.  I had tried a sample from Sephora as a point perk a long while back, and I remember really enjoying this.  Also, I never really buy full sized high end mascaras to try (except my beloved Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes).  I can’t wait to give this a go when I run out of my other mascaras!

The next thing that was in my box was the RealHer blush kit ($32.00).  I wasn’t sure if I would love this when I first opened the palette.  On one hand, I’ve been loving shimmery blushes lately.  However, when I first swatched this, the colors did not seem vibrant, and the consistency seemed chalky.  Yet, I have been enjoying this so far.  The colors are nice on the cheeks.  It’s not my favorite product ever, but I do like it.

The third product I received was the Bellapierre concealer palette.  I’m not sure if this has been discontinued but I cannot find this online.  I actually still really enjoy color correcting, even though the trend has kind of died down.  During the winter my red, dry skin needs some serious help.  This palette is pretty nice.  I’m not a huge fan of the orange, but the green in my Stila Correct and Perfect palette has seen better days, so I was thrilled to receive another green shade.  I will say the packaging on this is horrendous.  It is super difficult to open the compact up.  But, all in all, I enjoy this product.

I love when I receive brushes in my Boxycharm.  This month I was lucky enough to get the Crown blush brush.  This brush is dense, which is a bit different than my typical Real Techniques blush brush.  The bristles are certainly soft.  The handle feels a bit cheap, but I enjoy the look of the brush over all.  Brushes are something I never buy, so I love trying out new ones.

Finally, I received a very exciting product.  I am finally able to try Pretty Vulgar, with the “My Lips Are Sealed” ($24.00) liquid lip in “Weeping Willow.”  I have yet to try this product on the lips, but I’ve been wanting to try the brand for quite some time since its hyped up Sephora launch.  This color is stunning, and reminds me a great deal of Ofra’s “Coven”, so I can’t wait to actually wear it.  In addition, the packaging is just stunning.

That’s what I received in this months Boxycharm!  Do you guys get Boxycharm?  What variation did you get!?

Until next time!



Colourpop Yes Please Palette, I Think I Love You Palette, and My Little Pony Palette Reviews!

Hello all! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed Colourpop has been releasing products like there’s no tomorrow. I am a huge fan of their pressed shadows, so when they started releasing pressed palettes, my wallet opened immediately. I currently have three to share with you, the “Yes Please”,” the “I Think I Love You,” and the limited edition “My Little Pony.” I use all of these frequently and am dying to grab the “Dream Street,” “You Had Me At Hello,” “Element of Surprise,” and the “She” palettes if I have the chance. I just can’t get enough! But, I thought I would share my thoughts on the three I own. Just so you’re aware, all of these palettes are available on for $16.00.


The “Yes Please” palette pretty much broke the damn internet. I almost grabbed this on its first launch, and then decided to be more responsible with my money (lol). I picked this baby up in September I believe and I haven’t regretted it one bit. If you’re a warm toned lover, you need this in your life. Unlike some warm toned palettes, this one really packs a punch. You get bright yellow, oranges and reds, along with a few neutrals to tie your looks together. In fact, this palette contains the shade “Note to Self,” which is one of my favorite colourpop shadows. It’s a gorgeous warm brown. While you can get a subtle look with this palette, I certainly reach for it more when I’m going out than for a typical work day. The colors are powdery, but blend like a dream. I like powdery shadows, but just be aware there’s a good amount of kick up if that’s not your thing.

I wore this so so much in October. I felt like it was such a perfect fall time palette, and kind of screamed Halloween. The colors definitely pop, but without being too neon. The mattes are phenomenal, as mentioned, and the shimmers are nice. I recommend using a setting spray to really intensify the shimmers (which I typically do) but I don’t find it to be a necessary step. I will say, and this is to all companies, white packaging sucks! This palette is getting pretty dirty, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. All in all, if you’ve ever thought about picking this palette up, just do it!





The next palette, the “I Think I Love You,” was bought on kind of a whim. I wasn’t super wowed by the shade selection when I first saw this palette. However, after watching reviews, I decided I needed it. I’ve been really into bronze tones this fall. I’m not sure if it’s because of my job change or what not, but I have been going for a more neutral eye. In addition, this palette includes mostly shimmers, so I was a bit turned off at first. Nevertheless, I picked this baby up. Like the “Yes Please,” the shimmers are great, but can of course benefit from some fixing spray. But I really wanted to talk about the mattes. At first, I felt that I couldn’t get a complete look out of this palette. But, we have the shade “Bel Air” (another one of my favorite colourpop singles!), a beautiful neutral brown that can act as a crease shade. Then we also have the deeper brown and black, which can give the look dimension. There is also the white shade, which is one of those strange matte with glitter situations. This works perfectly as a brow bone highlight, so the palette can definitely be utilized on its own.

This palette isn’t the most exciting, but I love it for the work day. It’s very neutral, but glam at the same time. Quickly touching on packaging, the outside aesthetic is to die for. Rose gold is life and makes the product look a bit more expensive.





Finally we have the “My Little Pony.” I may be a 1990s baby, but my siblings are ten years older and you bet your sweet ass I am I my little pony fan. These are the original ponies featured on the packaging and I knew I needed this, if only for a collectors piece. As a side note, I purchased all three glossy lips from this collection and I highly recommend. This is a colorful palette, and is appropriate for even more serious work environments (example, I work in a school and like to keep it low key, but I feel like this still works perfectly).

I don’t want to call these colors pastel, but they’re muted. I have yet to try those for gorgeous greens on the bottom, but I’ve worn the berries and corals so much. Like all colourpop shadows, I find the mattes to blend beautifully. Although there are colored mattes in here, they are no exception and work like a dream. The shimmers are stunning, and the lavender purple has been a low key obsession. In addition we have some duo-chrome situations in here, which I am so here for. I honestly bought this palette as a more collectors or special occasion product but I’m so happy to report I have been using it quite a bit and I highly recommend if it’s still available.

Do you guys like colourpop shadows? What’s your favorite? Are there any you recommend?

Until next time!




Affordable Skin Care Routine 


Hello! It’s only been about a lifetime since I’ve posted. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve had some of these post ideas sitting in my drafts since September. I started my new job at the beginning of September and life has been kind of crazy. My blog has slipped through the cracks and I hope I can make a solid comeback!

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about some affordable skincare options. I’ve found that acquiring cruelty free skin and hair care has proved to be much more of a struggle than cruelty free makeup. It seems that high end products seem to be some of the only cruelty free options as well. However, I’ve found some cheaper alternatives that I love. Cheap skincare is essential in my opinion, as it’s something that’s constantly being used up and being bought. I thought I would share the products that I use in my current routine that won’t break the bank.

I first wanted to touch on E.L.F’s skincare line. E.L.F. has been killing the game recently, but their skin care products have really proved to be outstanding. In the morning, I use the daily moisturizer. It’s a medium consistency. It certainly provides moisture to my dry skin, but my face also doesn’t feel greasy, and I can use the product under my makeup with no issues. It retails for about eight dollars and is truly worth every penny. There are also two more products from E.L.F’s line that have become staples in my nighttime routine. The first is the hydrating water essence. I bought this thinking it was a different product, but I ended up loving this one! It’s a water based, almost gel like consistency. I have extremely dry skin, so I love to moisturize. I’ll pop some of this product on a cotton pad and apply it to my whole face for almost a base moisturizer. I definitely feel like you could use this in the morning as well, and that the results would be fine. It’s light enough to not be overkill but feels cooling and hydrating on the skin. The last thing from E.L.F. is their nourishing night cream. This is so crucial if you have dry skin or just want to pamper your face once in a while. It’s definitely a thicker consistency, and I would not be comfortable putting this on under makeup. I find that this really seeps into the skin overnight and leaves my skin feeling very nourished, which is claims to do. I’m so impressed by these E.L.F. products and I feel like they compare to higher end skincare.

Another category, which I found surprisingly affordable, was Mario Badescu. The only things I’ve tried – and don’t really know how I was living without them – are the facial sprays. I have both the infamous rose water, as well as the cucumber aloe. I personally love the rose water for the scent, but these are both incredible. I always thought these were pricy but the medium bottle retails for eight dollars. I believe you can buy a larger version of the rose, as well as travel sizes of both. I’ll use these as part of both my night and morning routines. I’ll also use this after setting spray, to really have my makeup sink in. In addition, this works well for wetting eyeshadows. Finally, it’s great for touch ups once your makeup has sitting all day. If you buy one skin care item, I highly recommend this, as it is so versatile.

I also have a cheaper item from Lush that I highly recommend. I really love their toners. I currently only have their tea tree water. This is great for blemishes, as it still has the same effects of tea tree oil, without being as harsh. I also used to own the Eau Roma toner and it was super gentle for all over the face. I will definitely repurchase that at some point. While Lush can be rather pricy in some areas, I believe the small toners are in the ten dollar range. The company really does a great job and I would certainly recommend trying out some of their cheaper products.

Finally, I have a product that’s not super brand specific. Twenty seventeen will be the year I became obsessed with micellar water. It is truly amazing. I’ve been using the Garnier one, and while I have enjoyed it, it’s not cruelty free. I have a NYX one lined up ready to try. But I feel like micellar water has changed my life (am I dramatic?). Although I still use makeup remover wipes, I feel like they don’t get everything off. Once I go in with micellar water after, I finally feel clean. I don’t find mascara clinging to my lashes or foundation stuck in my pores after I use this product.

I hope there are some helpful recommendations in here! I have been trying to get into skincare more and more, so if you have any cruelty free recommendations, please let me know!

Until next time!




Colourpop Haul – New Releases!


Hey guys!

I’ve been working on some longer posts (Subculture and favorite high end products), but they’ve been taking me a little longer than expected.  I want to make sure I give a thorough review.

Anyways, I put in a Colourpop order at the end of July.  It was super delayed but it finally came today.  This will not be a full review or anything as I’ve only swatched these products.  However, I thought I’d show you guys some of the new releases.  We shall see if they make it into my favorites for the month!

First off I grabbed their new “No Filter” concealer.  When I heard they were releasing concealers, I was thrilled.  Several of my favorite drug store concealers are not cruelty free, so I’ve been looking for an affordable option.  I have heard good things about these, but also that they oxidize.  I grabbed the shade fair neutral, so I’m hoping it works.  If it’s too deep, I don’t mind spending an extra $6.00 if the product is good!


I also picked up a pressed powder highlight in “Ruffle My Feathers.”  The yellow gold shade is right up my alley.  I enjoy their powdered duos, but those highlights were not poppin.  This one, at least the swatch, is way more promising.


In addition, I bought the pressed powder bronzer in “CA Dreaming.”  This is a warm toned bronzer and I cannot wait to try it out.  I am so excited that the brand has released pressed powders.  I couldn’t get into the supershock face formula.  The other cool thing is that these powders go for $8.00 in the compact, or you can save a buck and grab just a pan.  If you love creating your own palette than this will be great for you!


For an older product, I grabbed the eyebrow pencil in “Blondie.”  I had purchased this formula before but I bought a shade that was way too warm.  This one will hopefully work better for my brows.  I am excited to have a cheaper alternative to my Anastasia Brow Wiz.


Finally, I grabbed my first Colourpop eyeliner.  I have been really into using different liners on my waterline.  I love a nude or white for the day, and for more intense looks, I’ve been loving burgundy and black.  So, for the day, I picked up “HoneyDude.”  I hope this formula works out!  I think the color is perfected I can’t wait to try it.  For five dollars, if this is a good formula, I will defiantly pick up more colors.


Do you guys like Colourpop?  I’m obsessed, they are certainly one of my favorite brands!  I want to grab the pressed shadow palette and highlight palette!  Also, cannot wait for them to hit Sephora this November!!  What’s your favorite product from them?

Until next time!



Quick Update!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Monograms and Makeup!

First off, there have recently been a lot of posts about high end brands on my blog.  That’s because I love high end.  Howeverrrrrrr, I absolutely love affordable and drug store options too!  So, stay tuned, because there are going to be counter-parts to these posts.  There will be definitely be more variety coming up.

Secondly, I have also been doing a lot of hauls (that are about to go up).  First off, I had a moment of weakness for my wallet and made a few orders.  I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I bought!  I personally love watching haul videos and seeing what’s new.  Furthermore, I want to start doing monthly favorites.  I was thinking it may good to post hauls as well so that you guys can see if any new products will make the favorites club!

Third, I am wicked excited to say that I finally signed up for BoxyCharm, which is the only subscription service I’ve been truly interested in.  So, I will be doing monthly unboxings.  However, I am currently on the waiting list.  I’m hoping to get the September box if I can’t get the August!

Lastly, keep your eyes open for some new posts in the upcoming weeks:

  • Favorite Going Out Makeup
  • Affordable Skin Care
  • Several Lip Swatch Comparisons (MAC and Colourpop)
  • Subculture Palette Review
  • Cheap Makeup Storage

Until next time!



Youtube Collabs, Worth Your Money?

It seems like there are always new products coming out.  Over the past few years, I’ve come to find several Youtube collaborations appearing.  I watch several Youtubers, and I certainly get sucked in.  Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve purchased several of the collaborations.  I thought I would give you my thoughts about how these collabs stand up to the normal quality of the brands!

I personally think it’s really cool that brands started collaborating with Youtubers.  It gives people that truly love and appreciate makeup a chance to create something special.  I think it’s a really neat idea.


One of the most recent collabs to hit the scene is the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe.  I am absolutely obsessed with this palette, and you can read my full review here.

Another release from Morphe came about in October 2016.  This was the Kathleenlights x Morphe palette.  These shades were selected by Kathleen and not handcrafted as the Jaclyn Hill palette was.  However, this was my second Morphe purchase, and is what made me fall in love with the brand.  I love the color selection in this palette, and feel like it’s perfect for Autumn, with its cranberry and green tones.  However, the mattes are what sold me.  They blend really nicely, and made me want to try out more from the brand.

I believe the Graveyardgirl (aka Bunny) Swamp Queen palette came out last Summer, but you can still get it on Tarte’s website!  This is an eye palette, and also includes a blush, bronzer, and highlight.  First of all this is some of my favorite packaging of all time; it is so cute!  The eyeshadows are nice; they do have some fall out but I don’t mind that.  I really enjoy the mix of warm golds and purples.  As for the face products, the blush is beautiful.  I do enjoy the highlight but I wish it wasn’t as glittery and chunky.  I love the color of the bronzer, however, it is just too pigmented.  If you don’t go in with a super light hand, it can become very muddy looking quick.

The Mannymua Makeup Geek palette came out last year I believe; I cannot remember for certain.  While it is discontinued, I have linked a damaged one you can purchase!  This palette is primarily made up of permanent Makeup Geek shadows.  Some of my favorites such as “Frappe” are included.  There are three or four specially created shadows for this palette.  I love the super warm tones included and I feel like I can create several looks with this palette.  I also love the size of this and have taken this palette with me to travel several times.

NikkieTutorials recently came out with a collaboration with Ofra.  You could buy the entire collection, or individual products.  I picked up the liquid lip in the shade “Coven.”  I saw the name and the color of this and I nearly died.  I live for Halloween (growing up by Salem, MA), and anything witchy.  The name was everything.  I also love 1990’s brown grunge shades, so I knew I had to have this.  This is more of a metallic finish, and I love how it appears on the lips, it’s perfect for Fall.  I haven’t gotten around to trying any other liquid lips from Ofra but this makes me want to!

Kathleenlights came out with one ultra matte and three ultra satins from Colourpop.  From left to right we have Point Zero (satin), Alyssa (satin), November (satin), and Lumiere 2 (matte).  I absolutely love the satins from Colourpop, and these do not disappoint.  Point Zero is a super unique color, as it’s a cool-toned brown.  I have nothing else like this in my collection and I love it for certain looks.  Both Alyssa and November are beautiful everyday colors.  I use these two constantly for natural days.  Lumiere 2 is the baby sister to the original Lumiere, which will be discussed below.  This is the ultra matte version.  I love this shade, it appears mauve on my lips, and it’s beautiful with several different looks.

Kathleen also released lippie sticks, which were her first launch with Colourpop.  From bottom to top, we have Taurus, Aquarius, and Lumiere.  If you have not tried the lippie sticks from Colourpop, you are missing out!  For five bucks a pop, they have tons of colors and I highly enjoy the quality.  Taurus is a beautiful, deep chocolate brown, again perfect for Fall.  Aquarius is a natural brown, and it works great with everyday looks.  Finally, Lumiere is a similar shade to it’s baby sister.  This is again a mauve, purple-toned shade.  It is truly beautiful and I highly recommend these!

Finally, we have Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with Becca.  First she came out with the cult classic, Champagne Pop.  Since the champagne-toned highlighter did so well, the brand released a whole collection.  I purchased the face palette.  It came with the classic shade, and also a new highlight, “Prosecco Pop.”  I actually prefer this, it’s more of a true gold.  The palette also came with three blushes, Pamplemousse, Amaretto, and Rose Spritz.  These were the first blushes from Becca I have tried, and I am dying to try more.  They go on super smoothy.  In addition, the Becca highlights are some of my favorites.

Do you guys get sucked into these releases?  I know I love them!

Until next time!




Anastasia Glow Kit Comparisons 


Although I have quite the highlighter collection, some of my favorites come from the Anastasia Glow Kits.  For $40.00 a pop, you’re getting four or six good sized highlights.  There are countless options.

I own six of them currently.  I have “Gleam”, “That Glow”, “Sun Dipped”, “Sweets”, “Moonchild”, and the Nicole Guerriero.  While I won’t take this this post to talk about each shade individually, I will show you swatches and give you some quick thoughts on the kit over all.  Some are easily available and some you may have to search online for, but hopefully you will be able to see what kit may fit your needs the best.

These highlights are not for the faint of heart.  These are not your “glow from within” kind of products.  But, if you like a wham bam in your face glow, you need to snatch up one (or all) of these babies up pronto!


Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, Crushed Pearl

This was my first kit.  If you love pink tones this will be right up your alley.

“That Glow”

Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly, Dripping In Gold

This is kind of the plain Jane one to me.  Beautiful and the quality is amazing as always, but kind of boring.

“Sun Dipped”

Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, Moonstone

This is of course perfect for the Summer, and may be suited more for deeper skin tones.


Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, Taffy

This is a more natural way to play with color, and bring a little fun into your routine.


Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon

This is my favorite kit.  I love layering it with a white or gold highlight.

“Nicole Guerriero”

Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, 143

This is my least favorite kit.  While I adore the color scheme the formula seems a bit different and a little chunky.

Do you have a favorite kit?  Or, do you feel like highlighters all look pretty similar?

Until next time!