Colourpop Haul – New Releases!


Hey guys!

I’ve been working on some longer posts (Subculture and favorite high end products), but they’ve been taking me a little longer than expected.  I want to make sure I give a thorough review.

Anyways, I put in a Colourpop order at the end of July.  It was super delayed but it finally came today.  This will not be a full review or anything as I’ve only swatched these products.  However, I thought I’d show you guys some of the new releases.  We shall see if they make it into my favorites for the month!

First off I grabbed their new “No Filter” concealer.  When I heard they were releasing concealers, I was thrilled.  Several of my favorite drug store concealers are not cruelty free, so I’ve been looking for an affordable option.  I have heard good things about these, but also that they oxidize.  I grabbed the shade fair neutral, so I’m hoping it works.  If it’s too deep, I don’t mind spending an extra $6.00 if the product is good!


I also picked up a pressed powder highlight in “Ruffle My Feathers.”  The yellow gold shade is right up my alley.  I enjoy their powdered duos, but those highlights were not poppin.  This one, at least the swatch, is way more promising.


In addition, I bought the pressed powder bronzer in “CA Dreaming.”  This is a warm toned bronzer and I cannot wait to try it out.  I am so excited that the brand has released pressed powders.  I couldn’t get into the supershock face formula.  The other cool thing is that these powders go for $8.00 in the compact, or you can save a buck and grab just a pan.  If you love creating your own palette than this will be great for you!


For an older product, I grabbed the eyebrow pencil in “Blondie.”  I had purchased this formula before but I bought a shade that was way too warm.  This one will hopefully work better for my brows.  I am excited to have a cheaper alternative to my Anastasia Brow Wiz.


Finally, I grabbed my first Colourpop eyeliner.  I have been really into using different liners on my waterline.  I love a nude or white for the day, and for more intense looks, I’ve been loving burgundy and black.  So, for the day, I picked up “HoneyDude.”  I hope this formula works out!  I think the color is perfected I can’t wait to try it.  For five dollars, if this is a good formula, I will defiantly pick up more colors.


Do you guys like Colourpop?  I’m obsessed, they are certainly one of my favorite brands!  I want to grab the pressed shadow palette and highlight palette!  Also, cannot wait for them to hit Sephora this November!!  What’s your favorite product from them?

Until next time!



Quick Update!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on Monograms and Makeup!

First off, there have recently been a lot of posts about high end brands on my blog.  That’s because I love high end.  Howeverrrrrrr, I absolutely love affordable and drug store options too!  So, stay tuned, because there are going to be counter-parts to these posts.  There will be definitely be more variety coming up.

Secondly, I have also been doing a lot of hauls (that are about to go up).  First off, I had a moment of weakness for my wallet and made a few orders.  I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I bought!  I personally love watching haul videos and seeing what’s new.  Furthermore, I want to start doing monthly favorites.  I was thinking it may good to post hauls as well so that you guys can see if any new products will make the favorites club!

Third, I am wicked excited to say that I finally signed up for BoxyCharm, which is the only subscription service I’ve been truly interested in.  So, I will be doing monthly unboxings.  However, I am currently on the waiting list.  I’m hoping to get the September box if I can’t get the August!

Lastly, keep your eyes open for some new posts in the upcoming weeks:

  • Favorite Going Out Makeup
  • Affordable Skin Care
  • Several Lip Swatch Comparisons (MAC and Colourpop)
  • Subculture Palette Review
  • Cheap Makeup Storage

Until next time!



Youtube Collabs, Worth Your Money?

It seems like there are always new products coming out.  Over the past few years, I’ve come to find several Youtube collaborations appearing.  I watch several Youtubers, and I certainly get sucked in.  Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve purchased several of the collaborations.  I thought I would give you my thoughts about how these collabs stand up to the normal quality of the brands!

I personally think it’s really cool that brands started collaborating with Youtubers.  It gives people that truly love and appreciate makeup a chance to create something special.  I think it’s a really neat idea.


One of the most recent collabs to hit the scene is the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe.  I am absolutely obsessed with this palette, and you can read my full review here.

Another release from Morphe came about in October 2016.  This was the Kathleenlights x Morphe palette.  These shades were selected by Kathleen and not handcrafted as the Jaclyn Hill palette was.  However, this was my second Morphe purchase, and is what made me fall in love with the brand.  I love the color selection in this palette, and feel like it’s perfect for Autumn, with its cranberry and green tones.  However, the mattes are what sold me.  They blend really nicely, and made me want to try out more from the brand.

I believe the Graveyardgirl (aka Bunny) Swamp Queen palette came out last Summer, but you can still get it on Tarte’s website!  This is an eye palette, and also includes a blush, bronzer, and highlight.  First of all this is some of my favorite packaging of all time; it is so cute!  The eyeshadows are nice; they do have some fall out but I don’t mind that.  I really enjoy the mix of warm golds and purples.  As for the face products, the blush is beautiful.  I do enjoy the highlight but I wish it wasn’t as glittery and chunky.  I love the color of the bronzer, however, it is just too pigmented.  If you don’t go in with a super light hand, it can become very muddy looking quick.

The Mannymua Makeup Geek palette came out last year I believe; I cannot remember for certain.  While it is discontinued, I have linked a damaged one you can purchase!  This palette is primarily made up of permanent Makeup Geek shadows.  Some of my favorites such as “Frappe” are included.  There are three or four specially created shadows for this palette.  I love the super warm tones included and I feel like I can create several looks with this palette.  I also love the size of this and have taken this palette with me to travel several times.

NikkieTutorials recently came out with a collaboration with Ofra.  You could buy the entire collection, or individual products.  I picked up the liquid lip in the shade “Coven.”  I saw the name and the color of this and I nearly died.  I live for Halloween (growing up by Salem, MA), and anything witchy.  The name was everything.  I also love 1990’s brown grunge shades, so I knew I had to have this.  This is more of a metallic finish, and I love how it appears on the lips, it’s perfect for Fall.  I haven’t gotten around to trying any other liquid lips from Ofra but this makes me want to!

Kathleenlights came out with one ultra matte and three ultra satins from Colourpop.  From left to right we have Point Zero (satin), Alyssa (satin), November (satin), and Lumiere 2 (matte).  I absolutely love the satins from Colourpop, and these do not disappoint.  Point Zero is a super unique color, as it’s a cool-toned brown.  I have nothing else like this in my collection and I love it for certain looks.  Both Alyssa and November are beautiful everyday colors.  I use these two constantly for natural days.  Lumiere 2 is the baby sister to the original Lumiere, which will be discussed below.  This is the ultra matte version.  I love this shade, it appears mauve on my lips, and it’s beautiful with several different looks.

Kathleen also released lippie sticks, which were her first launch with Colourpop.  From bottom to top, we have Taurus, Aquarius, and Lumiere.  If you have not tried the lippie sticks from Colourpop, you are missing out!  For five bucks a pop, they have tons of colors and I highly enjoy the quality.  Taurus is a beautiful, deep chocolate brown, again perfect for Fall.  Aquarius is a natural brown, and it works great with everyday looks.  Finally, Lumiere is a similar shade to it’s baby sister.  This is again a mauve, purple-toned shade.  It is truly beautiful and I highly recommend these!

Finally, we have Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with Becca.  First she came out with the cult classic, Champagne Pop.  Since the champagne-toned highlighter did so well, the brand released a whole collection.  I purchased the face palette.  It came with the classic shade, and also a new highlight, “Prosecco Pop.”  I actually prefer this, it’s more of a true gold.  The palette also came with three blushes, Pamplemousse, Amaretto, and Rose Spritz.  These were the first blushes from Becca I have tried, and I am dying to try more.  They go on super smoothy.  In addition, the Becca highlights are some of my favorites.

Do you guys get sucked into these releases?  I know I love them!

Until next time!




Anastasia Glow Kit Comparisons 


Although I have quite the highlighter collection, some of my favorites come from the Anastasia Glow Kits.  For $40.00 a pop, you’re getting four or six good sized highlights.  There are countless options.

I own six of them currently.  I have “Gleam”, “That Glow”, “Sun Dipped”, “Sweets”, “Moonchild”, and the Nicole Guerriero.  While I won’t take this this post to talk about each shade individually, I will show you swatches and give you some quick thoughts on the kit over all.  Some are easily available and some you may have to search online for, but hopefully you will be able to see what kit may fit your needs the best.

These highlights are not for the faint of heart.  These are not your “glow from within” kind of products.  But, if you like a wham bam in your face glow, you need to snatch up one (or all) of these babies up pronto!


Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, Crushed Pearl

This was my first kit.  If you love pink tones this will be right up your alley.

“That Glow”

Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly, Dripping In Gold

This is kind of the plain Jane one to me.  Beautiful and the quality is amazing as always, but kind of boring.

“Sun Dipped”

Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, Moonstone

This is of course perfect for the Summer, and may be suited more for deeper skin tones.


Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, Taffy

This is a more natural way to play with color, and bring a little fun into your routine.


Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon

This is my favorite kit.  I love layering it with a white or gold highlight.

“Nicole Guerriero”

Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, 143

This is my least favorite kit.  While I adore the color scheme the formula seems a bit different and a little chunky.

Do you have a favorite kit?  Or, do you feel like highlighters all look pretty similar?

Until next time!



Going Cruelty Free

I’ve decided that in 2017, I will be transitioning my collection to cruelty free.  I feel that recently, there have been several Youtube channels focusing on cruelty free makeup and I’ve been inspired.

While researching, I’ve realized that a great amount of my collection is already cruelty free.  My plan for this transition is not to trash non-cruelty free items.  As someone who has purchased most everything in my collection, I’m not going to chuck out a NARS blush.  However, I have gone through and tagged these items with stickers, so I can remember which brands not to purchase from.

Cruelty free can be tricky sometimes, as parent companies may test, but the actual company does not.   In several cases, companies only test where it is required by law (ei China). I will personally still be purchasing from companies that are cruelty free, even if the parent company is not.  To me, if a parent company sees that their cruelty free businesses are doing better than the ones that animal test, perhaps they will change their testing policies.

While most of my favorite brands are cruelty free, there will be some products I will miss dearly.  Here’s a list of my products I will be missing the most.

1.) NARS : I will miss the NARS radiant creamy concealer so much.  It was the first high end concealer I had purchased and I loved it.  However, I do love Tarte Shape Tape and Urban Decay’s Naked Skin, so I shall survive.  Also, NARS Orgasm.  I have a bunch of Super Orgasm left, but the OG has been used heavily.  Yet, The Balm’s Hot Mamma, is a pretty spot on dupe, and this gives me an excuse to finally pick up Milani’s Luminoso.  It’s upsetting to give up NARS, but the fact that it did have cruelty free status and then just ditched really bothers me.

2.) Rimmel :Rimmel’s stay matte powder.  How many of these have I been through?  I have other powders I use but this has always been my go to translucent powder.  RIP to Rimmel.

3.) Maybelline : Age.  Rewind.  Concealer.  I freaking love this concealer.  It blends out so nicely, and is perfect for under the eyes.  However, the NYX HD is a nice drugstore option.

4.) MAC : Just everything MAC.  Their lipsticks are my favorite formula, and I wanted to repurchase their mineralized concealer.  The lipsticks will be my Achilles heal.  I believe I have fifteen or twenty, and it’s not like I should run out too soon, but I will mourn when I run out of Snob. While I love Fix Plus, Mario Badescu facial sprays work just as well.  MAC was one of the first high end brands I tried and I’m hoping I can find something to fill the void.

Honestly, it just doesn’t make sense for me to chuck the makeup I already own.  But, I will no longer be purchasing from companies who test on animals.  It’s 2017, and several other companies have clearly figured out a better way.

Remember, every company is different, and their aminal testing policies can be found on their websites!

Until next time!


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Benefit’s “Cheeky Sweet Spot Set” (Christmas in July?)


Hello all!

I’ve been obsessing over this stupid product for months.  And that product would be the Benefit “Cheeky Sweet Spot Set” featuring six of the company’s best selling powders.  Ugg.

I asked for it for Christmas, and alas, my Ulta did not carry it.  It was added onto Benefit’s sale a few weeks ago, and sold out.  I was heartbroken.  But then, it came back, and I jumped on the opportunity to purchase.  For $30.00, I was able to get “Hoola”, “Dandelion”, “Bella Bamba”, “Coralista”, “Rockatuer”, and “Sugarbomb” (which I had already owned in a full size).  But, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a total hoarder, and this was the perfect way to collect some of the Benefit blushes.  While they’re not full size, they are more than half sized, and really, that’s all I need.  It also came with a small version of “Watts Up” highlighter, as well as one of their signature brushes.

These powders all range in the amount of product you receive, just like their full size counter parts.  But, these babies are still over half the size of a full sized product.  So, you can get over half of six of these powders for the price of one full sized one.  I think it’s a great deal.

From Benefit’s boxed powder line, I curently own “Georgia” (a discontinued all over powder), “Dallas” (a dusty rose bronzer which I personally use for a blush), and “Sugarbomb” (which comes in this set as well).  So, now that I’ve purchased this set, I only need “Hervana” (andddd if I can work a miracle aka pay a ridiculous price on Ebay, hopefully I can own Throbb too), to complete my collection.  This set has really helped my blush collection out (not that I needed it).

I wanted to tak about the powders individually, as well as the packaging and how I switched it up.


“Hoola” : I have been dying to try “Hoola” recently, since I’m in my bronzer phase (obsession) at the moment.  I’m not a huge fan of warmer toned bronzers, so I’m super excited for this.  I haven’t tried this on my face yet, but it swatches really nice and it’s not too dark (aka it will work for contouring and not make you look like a Skeleton).  This is a matte bronzer which is perfect for countouring.  So far I love the look of this product.


“Dandelion” : This is probably the powder I was least excited for.  It’s a very pretty soft pink.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice color, but I don’t think I would want to pay the $28.00 for the full sized product.  This is probably the most dupable color from the lot.  Nevertheless, it’s a nice shade of pink and I will for sure be using it when I do a bolder lip or eye.  It’s nice, I just personally do not think it’s anything special.


“Bella Bamba” : This powder was probably one of the ones I wanted the most.  Recently, this blush has been disappearing from stores and I feared I would not be able to add it to my collection.  Luckily, I was able to obtain this baby.  It’s a watermelon toned pink, perfect for the Summer.  But I’ve read reveiws that this powder in the set is actually different from the single version.  So, I think I’m going to try to pick up the individual version of this as well before it’s hard to find.


“Coralista” : This is the second blush that has a different tone than the original, and I will for sure be grabbing a single of this one at some point as well.  The individual blush is supposed to be a bit more pink.  However, the powder that comes in this set is more orange.  I actually really enjoy this shade.  I don’t have many true coral colors in my blush collection, so this is a nice edition.  Since “Coralista” is one of Benefit’s most popular shades, I’d assume they made a color change on purpose, so that people wouldn’t have duplicates.  I really am pleased with the shade in this set!


“Rockateaur” : I was also so excited for this blush.  “Rockateaur” is a rose gold color and it is stunning.  I’m sort of biased, as rose gold anything is my favorite.  But this is such a pretty color.  I feel like this will be great for all seasons, especially for going out looks. This is a huge hit.


“Sugarbomb” : This was actually the only powder I had previously owned, and I absolutely love it.  This blush is not super pigmented, but it gives a nice flushed look.  That’s the only way one can describe this blush; it’s not pink, orange, or brown, just flushed.  I love wearing this shade with a bolder eye or lip, it’s so pretty!

“Watts Up”: I actually had already owned another mini version of this cream highlighter as well.  I normally hate cream products, but this looks super natural while being shimmery.  It’s not too shiny, but not without any glitter either, which I love!

Packaging: So the one downside to this set is that the packaging is a no go.  This literally comes in a cookie tin.  While the tin is really cute (and I kept it for decoration), it is bulky and clunky.  This was not ideal for traveling to and from school.  So, I took the plunge and bought a Z-palette.


I’m really weird about Z-palettes.  Like it also stresses me out when people mix different brands in their Z-palettes.  But, since this would only be Benefit products, I decided to depot my blushes.  The empty palette cost about $20.00, but it’s great quality and I’m really pleased with it.  I totally think it’s worth it.

De-potting: The only other things I have depotted have been MAC products and let me tell you, those are a pain.  But these blushes, easy-peasy.  I just ripped the foam part away from the blush pans, and twisted those suckers right off the pacakging.  Just don’t use a knife, you don’t need one and you may crack your powder.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Christmas in July kind of review!

Until next time!!






Walmart Haul : The Good, The Meh, and The Ugly



Hello all!

Since I’m the most indecisive human on the planet, I wasn’t going to do a seperate Walmart haul, but then I decided, why not?

So anyways, I decided to talk about some things I picked up at Walmart.  Most of these products are only found at Walmart (though some can be spotted at Target as well).  All of these products are constantly talked about  on both Youtube and various blog sites as kind of “holy grail” drugstore products.  But, I wanted to tell you guys what I thought about these products.  Some are great, and some will be peacing out of my makeup collection pretty soon.  But without further ado, here we go!



Hard Candy Ombre Baked Blush in “Sunburst” : This is for sure one of my hits.  I believe this blush cost about $7.00, which isn’t too expensive.  This is a perfect blush for the Summer.  It’s incredibly shimmery, so you have to be careful about what other products you’re pairing it with.  This is seriously gorgeous though!  I meant to pick up “Punch”, which I’ve heard quite a bit about, but bought this color instead by mistake.  I’m glad I did, it’s a perfect color for my collection, and I really did not have a blush shade like this before.  I would absolutely recommend this blush for a beautiful glow.



Wet n’ Wild 8-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in “Comfort Zone” : Ugg.  I am so annoyed about this product. This is possibly the most raved about products from the drugstore.  And this really is a beautiful product.  Many colors are dupes for higher end shadows.  But the formulation is not great.  When I first tried this out, I didn’t love the look that I got out of this product, but I figured I’d try again.  Wrong.  About a day later I got a terrible allergic reaction to this!  If you have sensitive skin I would be leary of this palette.  If your skin is alright, try it out!  There are some really nice colors in here and I will most certainly be passing this on to a friend with less sensitive skin.



NYC Bronzer in “Sunny”: Again, basically every beauty junkie on Youtube owns this little guy, and for only a few dollars, I had to as well.  This is a really pretty bronzer, but a bit too warm for me to contour with.  I’ll be using this product more in the Summer, for a nice flushed look.  So, while it’s not personally my ideal bronzer, it’s still a nice purchase.  It has a nice pigmentation and formula.  I would for sure recommend this bronzer.



Hard Candy Bronzer in “Tiki”: I am so incredibly obsessed with this!  I’ve heard so many great reviews of this being used as a highlight, and it truly is worth the hype.  It’s so shimmery and gives you such a nice, radiant glow.  It’s about $9.00, which beats the price of brands such as Nars and Hourglass.  If you don’t prefer a real shimmery highlight, you may not love this.  But, I for one am absolutley loving this highlight, and it’s slowly becoming a favorite, staple product of mine.



Wet n’ Wild Contouring Palette: I’m truly terrible and ripped off the name, so I’m not quite sure which color this is.  But, I can say this is a nice product for the price.  The bronzer is very similar to “Taupe” by NYX, one of my faves.  The highlight is a little bit too matte for my liking, but it is nice for a more subtle contour.  This disk is also fairly compact, with a lot of product, so it’s ideal for travel.  I believe this sells for about $4.00, so I think this is totally worth it.  Plus, the formula is nice and I’ve had no problems with it.

All in all, I can understand all the hype surronding these products!  They all have great attributes for a great price.

Until next time!


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Ride or Die Products


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my holy grail, need em’ everyday, high key obssed, ride or die makeup products.  There are about eight things I cannot live without (one didn’t make the main photo because I’m brain dead) and I’m here to tell you why they’re absolutely amazing.



Bare Minerals Original Foundation:  I figured I’d start with this poor little guy since he didn’t make the first photo.  I don’t even know how I forgot about this considering I probably use this foundation 350 days out the year.  I can’t even tell you how many of these guys I’ve gone through.  I personally don’t like cream or liquid products too much, so this is my perfect foundation.  I get full coverage, but it feels light and doesn’t look cakey.  I’m assuming I’ll be using this until I die.


Maybelline Baby Skin: This was actually featued in my last post as a re-purchase so I don’t want to dive into too much detail, but this is seriously such a great primer.  It’s super quick and easy to use, plus it works great too.


Boiing By Benefit: I’ve been using this concealer for a few years now and I still love it.  This is my favorite under-eye concealor.  It’s so easy to apply and doesn’t make you look like you have a ton of product on.  It’s perfect for any makeup look, and combatting dark circles.


MAC Mineralize Concealer: Although this isn’t an O.G concealer like boiing, this has been in my collection for about a year now and I’m still in love.  This is perfect for covering up imperfections and blemishes.  It’s not drying, and I also love that it’s an actual brush rather than a spongey applicator.



NYX Eyeshadow Base: How I love this little guy.  This is a perfect skin-toned eyeshadow base that’s super easy to apply.  For only costing six dollars, this base keeps your eyeshadows looking nice for a great amount of time.  Although I have some other primers I enjoy, this is one I’m constantly reaching for.



White Eyeshadow: I’m not very brand specific in this category, but every girl needs a good white eyeshadow.  No matter what kind of eye I’m doing, I pretty much always throw a bit of white shadow in the inner corner of my eye.  It just brightens and opens them up so much, I think it’s one of the best makeup tricks out there.



Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara: While I usually switch around which higher end mascaras I’m using, I never stray from this one.  I love to layer my mascaras, since I have short blonde lashes, and this really makes me look like I’ve got some lashes (and that I’m actually an adult).



Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: For a while, I switched to NYX because it was cheaper than the Urban Decay setting spray.  But this is totally worth the money.  Nothing keeps my makeup lasting longer than this.

I hope you guys enjoyed!  What are some of your can’t live without products?

Until next time!



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Makeup Obsession : When and Why to Buy Expensive Beauty Products

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, makeup blogging and you-tubing has become main stream.  What has also become mainstream are larger than life makeup collections.  But with products running up to over thirty dollars for every a lipstick (I’m looking at you NARS), how does one build up a collection, and justify it?  Things are expensive, and some products may never actually get used.  Here are some tips of when to buy, what to buy, and if you really need it.

Buy, Buy, Buy!

1.) If it’s limited edition.

Example: Benefit Boxed powders are one of my favorite blushes.  If you haven’t tried them, they are absolutely amazing.  Yet, sometimes colors get discontinued.  Which brings me to Bella Bamba.  The color was recently taken out of stores, and I was super bummed that I was going to have to search for it at a jacked up price on Amazon (I have a problem).  But alas, the site has been selling a full sized version of it with a tint for the same price as a normal boxed powder.  BUY THAT ISH!  True it’s still $28 now, but when you finally find it on some sketchy website it will probably be double.  Jump on the opportunity.

2.) If it’s a special occasion.

Three words: it’s your birthday.  Treat yo self once a year.

3.) One word : coupons.

Watch out for coupons, especially at places like Ulta!  Sure they might be for only twenty percent off, but that can take off a significant chunk of change if the item you’re looking to purchase is expensive.

4.) It’s just a fricken’ good deal!

Sometimes if there’s a sale, you just need to jump on it.  I recently became aware of the BH cosmetics floral blush duos.  I saw them and I had to have them! They are usually about ten dollars a piece, not super pricy for a blush but still, ten dollars can get me three days of Dunkin Donuts coffees.  I recently found the blushes on sale for four dollars a piece, totaling twenty dollars to purchase all of them (with free shipping)!  If there is a deal like that, sometimes you just need to bit the bullet.

When you need to put that credit card away:

1.) Don’t buy it just because it’s in.

I see this as a problem that I am as well totally guilty of, especially with the Urban Decay Naked palettes.  The Naked Line has taken American women by storm, and for a good reason.  The products are amazing quality.  The pigmentation and formulas are amazing, as well as the color selection.  But, if you really think about it, they’re all neutral palettes.  With different undertones, are they really flattering on everyone? Do you need all of them?

Does anyone really need to spend $54 on an eyeshadow palette?  Probably not, but these are somewhat investment pieces, especially for avid makeup collectors and users.  But if you’re just starting out on makeup, don’t drop the fifty bucks just because you think you need it.  Rather, opt for one of the Naked Basic palettes (which have some of the same shades) or even a cheaper brand such as BH cosmetics or NYX.  Almost every one is coming out with knock-offs.

2.) Twitter says it’s in.

Nothing drives me more insane than girls running out to buy “Brave” by MAC just because Kylie Jenner says to.  Can it be a gorgeous lip color?  Of course! But, if you want to spend almost twenty dollars on a lipstick, go into the store and talk to the people working.  There might be a similar tone that’s even better for your complexion.  Don’t jump the gun on a fairly expensive purchase because a Kardashian says so.

3.) Don’t buy a million things from one line on the first try.

I’m not saying to purchase full lines of makeup if you love them.  I personally have most of the Maybeline vivids.  I tried one and was absolutely hooked, and kept going back for more.  But sometimes, products are not what they appear to be.  Even if you hear great things about an item, try one before you sink a bunch of money into it.  They’ll most likely still be at the store to come back and purchase.

4.) The name.

I am such an offender of this rule.  I love flamingos.  I see anything named flamingo and buy it.  But, sometimes I’m not thrilled with it.  Go for the color not the name, the product is for sure more important than the title it has.


I’m obsessed with buying makeup, but am really trying to cut back.  Makeup is something to be used and greatly loved, not to just be placed on display.  I hope these quick tips help you decide on what purchases to make and help you start to build up your makeup collection!

Until next time!


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Sephora V. Ulta : The Great Debate

In this great country we call America, we have so many freedoms.  That freedom even extends to where you can buy your beauty products.

Of course there are your choices of drugstores, plus higher end makeup counters (ie. MAC, Clinque), but for many beauty lovers it’s either Ulta or Sephora, which both carry higher end brands, including Benefit, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Etc.

People seem to be very Coke/Pepsi on this one.  Loving one and hating the other.

Living in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am fortunate to have each store in the vicinity.

Personally, I can never pick a favorite, but hopefully the few tips about each that I have can help you make better decisions as a shopper.

The Selection :

This is probably the toughest category to talk about for each store.

I really enjoy Ulta for all my lower end needs.  Firstly, they’re the only place around (for me at least) that carries NYX.  In case you’ve been living on another planet, NYX is super affordable and really great for the price.  I love to buy (hoard) their lipsticks, and their blushes are fabulous as well.  Ulta also has great great great deals on other drug store products.  For many brands, they’ll be “buy one, get one half off”.  This is how my ridiculous collection of the Maybeline Vivids came to be.

As far as high end products go, I hate shopping at Ulta.  I find that the selections are much smaller, as well as unorganized.  In particular, the Benefit section, which is one of my favorite brands, is hardly stocked with any of the products I’m looking for.  However, Sephora did recently stop carrying Lorac, which Ulta still does.

The sad thing about Sephora is their lack of drugstore products.  But, for higher end needs, they have huge selections.  They usually always have whatever I am looking for.  If I run out of something like my Bareminerals foundation, I’ll always head to Sephora.

The Service:

Honestly, I can only speak for my area.  But all in all, I have a better experience service-wise in Sephora.  Sure, in Ulta they’ll answer any questions I have.  Yet, they tend not to be as friendly.

Sephora, on the other hand, is amazing.  As soon as you walk in, an employee is asking if you need help, and if they can assist you in finding products that you’ll love.

The Points System:

The Sephora points system is great.  You get a point for every dollar you spend, and once you hit one hundred or five hundred you get a prize worth one of those values.  Wham, bam, thank yah m’am, easy, you’re done.

When I first started shopping at Ulta, their point system was like Sephora’s.  But then it changed to receiving a prize once a quarter.  Now I think you’re wracking up dollars as points?!  I’m not even sure!!  What I do know is that Ulta has completely lost me on their loyalty program.

Honestly, both stores are great, it just depends on what you need to buy.  Hopefully this post can help y’all figure out where you need to go for all your beautylicious needs.

Until next time.