Ulta Essentials Haul!



Today I ran to Ulta and grabbed some of my essentials, so I thought I would write a quick post about what I picked up

My reason for going to Ulta was to purchase a backup of my Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. I use this primer every single day. I have dry skin so silicon based primers are not my favorite. I love this primer as it is coconut water based and feels super moisturizing. This is actually my third time purchasing it!

I also grabbed a backup of my Mario Badescu facial sprays. I repurchased both the rose water and the green tea. I love the green tea for the morning, its extremely refreshing. I also love rose water in general for things like baking (the kitchen kind) so I can’t live without this spray. They’re great for priming before makeup, wetting brushes for foiling shadows, and reviving makeup looks after several hours of wear. At eight dollars a bottle, I totally recommend these!

I bought another Anastasia concealer. I use this every single day as an eye base under my eye primer. I’m not running out but this was on sale for ten dollars! They didn’t have the light shade I typically use, but I figured it didn’t mater too much if I just use it as a base.

I needed brush cleanser desperately as well. I typically use MAC, however, since the brand is not cruelty free, I needed to find a new one. I decided to try the Eco Tools brush cleanser. I have yet to try any Eco Tools brushes (I want to!), but I am excited to try the cleanser as it is on the cheaper side.

Finally, I picked up a few face masks from YesTo. I have tried the coconut before, but I have yet to try try the cotton. I used to love the Tony Moly masks, but alas they are not cruelty free. I do enjoy these masks and I can’t wait to try the cotton one!

This was a quick post but I hope you enjoyed it! What are your Ulta essentials?

Until next time!


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Ride or Die Products


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my holy grail, need em’ everyday, high key obssed, ride or die makeup products.  There are about eight things I cannot live without (one didn’t make the main photo because I’m brain dead) and I’m here to tell you why they’re absolutely amazing.



Bare Minerals Original Foundation:  I figured I’d start with this poor little guy since he didn’t make the first photo.  I don’t even know how I forgot about this considering I probably use this foundation 350 days out the year.  I can’t even tell you how many of these guys I’ve gone through.  I personally don’t like cream or liquid products too much, so this is my perfect foundation.  I get full coverage, but it feels light and doesn’t look cakey.  I’m assuming I’ll be using this until I die.


Maybelline Baby Skin: This was actually featued in my last post as a re-purchase so I don’t want to dive into too much detail, but this is seriously such a great primer.  It’s super quick and easy to use, plus it works great too.


Boiing By Benefit: I’ve been using this concealer for a few years now and I still love it.  This is my favorite under-eye concealor.  It’s so easy to apply and doesn’t make you look like you have a ton of product on.  It’s perfect for any makeup look, and combatting dark circles.


MAC Mineralize Concealer: Although this isn’t an O.G concealer like boiing, this has been in my collection for about a year now and I’m still in love.  This is perfect for covering up imperfections and blemishes.  It’s not drying, and I also love that it’s an actual brush rather than a spongey applicator.



NYX Eyeshadow Base: How I love this little guy.  This is a perfect skin-toned eyeshadow base that’s super easy to apply.  For only costing six dollars, this base keeps your eyeshadows looking nice for a great amount of time.  Although I have some other primers I enjoy, this is one I’m constantly reaching for.



White Eyeshadow: I’m not very brand specific in this category, but every girl needs a good white eyeshadow.  No matter what kind of eye I’m doing, I pretty much always throw a bit of white shadow in the inner corner of my eye.  It just brightens and opens them up so much, I think it’s one of the best makeup tricks out there.



Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara: While I usually switch around which higher end mascaras I’m using, I never stray from this one.  I love to layer my mascaras, since I have short blonde lashes, and this really makes me look like I’ve got some lashes (and that I’m actually an adult).



Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: For a while, I switched to NYX because it was cheaper than the Urban Decay setting spray.  But this is totally worth the money.  Nothing keeps my makeup lasting longer than this.

I hope you guys enjoyed!  What are some of your can’t live without products?

Until next time!




MAC Palettes and Keeping Organized


Over the past few years of obsessivley collecting makeup, I’ve acquired quite a bit of MAC.  But, the problem is, MAC’s packaging, although it looks great, consumes a fair amount of space.

I love my MAC blushes and shadows, but with traveling to and from school in the South, bringing single powders seemed to become a hassle.  Plus, they single packages took up too much room in my small bathroom.

Also, as I collected makeup, I realized I enjoyed palletes more than single products.  So, I figured what better way to combat my problem than to put my MAC products into palletes.

How It Works:

MAC recently switched up their palettes.  Instead of coming assembled with spaces for specifically blushes or shadows, you purchase your own inserts.

They can be purchased here, and there are several options to custom create your own pallete.

So, if you don’t have too many products, but still would like to consolidate, you can put a blush insert in one halve, and an eyeshadow in the second, etc.

There is also a plastic divider in between the two halves, keeping your product from touching.

Personally, I have a blush palette and an eyeshadow palette.  While they’re still slightly thicker palettes, having alll my products in one place is ideal for travel.


Saving Money:

If you buy your MAC products in pan form, you can save money as well!  A pan blush is seventeen dollars as opposed to twenty two.  So the bottom line, is you can collect more from MAC at a cheaper price, and kee them more condensed.  What’s also great is that you can keep all different types of products together.  For example, my blush palette houses the regular blushes, pro-long wear, and creme blushes.


While depotting your product may seem like a hassle, it is actually quite simple.  All you need to do is melt the back part of the inner plastic to push out the pan.  Videos of how to do this can be seen on youtube, and those gurus can show you better than I can tell you!

I promise, while time consuming, it’s easy to depot your product and saves such a great deal of space.


All in all, I love having my MAC products in palette form, they’re condensed, travel friendly, and easy to see all together.  Hopefully this post can help you keep a bit more organized as well!

Until next time!



Summer Makeup Essentials

Summer is one of the best times of the year.  The weather’s perfect, school’s out, and you can keep your makeup light.  Here’s a quick post with four of my favorite, must-haves for Summer!

1.) “Georgia” Benefit Boxed Powder : Summer is the season for keeping your makeup light and airy.  I love this powder just for this reason.  Rather than using a heavy foundation, some days it’s just nice to throw on this powder and call it a day.  It’s light, has nice coverage, and is easy to apply. (Discontinued but you might be able to find it online.)

2.) Lorac “Afterglo” Palette : I bought this little palette on a whim.  It just screams Summer with it’s bright colors, and light neutrals.  It has a bunch of great shades to just sweep on your eyelids.  Plus, it’s a great size for travel.

3.) Thebalm “Hot Mama” : I absolutely love this blush.  It’s slightly similar to NARS orgasm, but cheaper and I like the formula slightly better.  It’s a perfect coral color for Summer and all you really need on your cheeks.

4.) Tarte “Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara” : I recently repurchased this mascara and it is awesome.  I usually layer my mascaras to build up my lashes but this formula is amazing.  You can use one coat of this mascara and you’re good to go!

My Summer motto is definitely “keep it simple” and with these products, you can!

Until next time!