Going Cruelty Free

I’ve decided that in 2017, I will be transitioning my collection to cruelty free.  I feel that recently, there have been several Youtube channels focusing on cruelty free makeup and I’ve been inspired.

While researching, I’ve realized that a great amount of my collection is already cruelty free.  My plan for this transition is not to trash non-cruelty free items.  As someone who has purchased most everything in my collection, I’m not going to chuck out a NARS blush.  However, I have gone through and tagged these items with stickers, so I can remember which brands not to purchase from.

Cruelty free can be tricky sometimes, as parent companies may test, but the actual company does not.   In several cases, companies only test where it is required by law (ei China). I will personally still be purchasing from companies that are cruelty free, even if the parent company is not.  To me, if a parent company sees that their cruelty free businesses are doing better than the ones that animal test, perhaps they will change their testing policies.

While most of my favorite brands are cruelty free, there will be some products I will miss dearly.  Here’s a list of my products I will be missing the most.

1.) NARS : I will miss the NARS radiant creamy concealer so much.  It was the first high end concealer I had purchased and I loved it.  However, I do love Tarte Shape Tape and Urban Decay’s Naked Skin, so I shall survive.  Also, NARS Orgasm.  I have a bunch of Super Orgasm left, but the OG has been used heavily.  Yet, The Balm’s Hot Mamma, is a pretty spot on dupe, and this gives me an excuse to finally pick up Milani’s Luminoso.  It’s upsetting to give up NARS, but the fact that it did have cruelty free status and then just ditched really bothers me.

2.) Rimmel :Rimmel’s stay matte powder.  How many of these have I been through?  I have other powders I use but this has always been my go to translucent powder.  RIP to Rimmel.

3.) Maybelline : Age.  Rewind.  Concealer.  I freaking love this concealer.  It blends out so nicely, and is perfect for under the eyes.  However, the NYX HD is a nice drugstore option.

4.) MAC : Just everything MAC.  Their lipsticks are my favorite formula, and I wanted to repurchase their mineralized concealer.  The lipsticks will be my Achilles heal.  I believe I have fifteen or twenty, and it’s not like I should run out too soon, but I will mourn when I run out of Snob. While I love Fix Plus, Mario Badescu facial sprays work just as well.  MAC was one of the first high end brands I tried and I’m hoping I can find something to fill the void.

Honestly, it just doesn’t make sense for me to chuck the makeup I already own.  But, I will no longer be purchasing from companies who test on animals.  It’s 2017, and several other companies have clearly figured out a better way.

Remember, every company is different, and their aminal testing policies can be found on their websites!

Until next time!