Makeup With a Big-A$$ Price Tag That’s Worth Busting Open Your Piggy Bank For


As I wrap up testing out Subculture (literally have been trying that baby all week), I thought I would share with you pricy products that I really enjoy.  Some products, I look at and immediately regret shelling out the cash for.  However, there are several products in my collection that I paid a pretty penny for, and I find them to be totally worth it, and most of them worthy of re-purchasing.

I love drugstore products so much, but, some makeup is just worth spending a little bit more money on.  Quick disclaimer, there are several Marc Jacobs beauty products.  In my opinion, it is a luxury brand that’s worth the money.  Sorry for the repetition, but I truly enjoy them. That’ll be discussed below.  Here are some of my favorite high end products that I don’t regret purchasing!

I first want to touch upon a contour duo.  I prefer duos to kits, as I feel contour kits are not super useful for most people.  At most, I only use one of two contour shades.  I just feel as though duos are much more practical.  My favorite contour duo is the Marc Jacobs #Instamarc powder.  First off the colors are perfect.  The yellow is typically the only highlight shade in a contour kit that I actually use, as it really brightens up the under eyes.  I absolutely love the bronzer shade in this duo.  It’s extremely neutral.  When a color is too cool, it can appear muddy, but if a contour is too warm, it doesn’t create a shadow on the face.  I think this color is perfect for a natural, light contour.  This is a product I use in an everyday, low key makeup situation. In addition, these powders are super finely milled and are creamy when applied.  Although $49.00 is a bit much, I truly believe this product is worth it.  This was a birthday present to myself last year and I am so happy I purchased it.

Another product I love is the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation.  This is a product I usually only for going out or special occasions.  This is a super full coverage foundation.  Four small drops is all you need.  This is too full coverage for my day to day routine, as I prefer a very light base on a normal basis.  However, I really love this for full glam.  While the price is $55.00 (eek!), I think this is worth it (but you best believe your girl went into Sephora to get color matched).  You don’t use this product up quickly as it covers a great deal.  I also snagged mine when I had a $20.00 off coupon so it helped ease my wallet’s pain.

I also adore the Hourglass ambient lighting palette.  This retails for $62.00.  I had my eye on this for ages, and decided to pick it up when I had a gift card.  I love this face palette for two reasons.  I love the shade Dim Light (far left) for setting the whole face when I don’t need long wear coverage.  It gives the skin such a glowy effect and is truly beautiful.  I use the other two shades as a highlight and bronzer for days where I don’t wear foundation and want a simple makeup look.  These powders are so finely milled and apply to the face to easily.  If you don’t want a full palette I recommend picking up one of the full sized palettes.  They’re truly great quality, and I want to try the blushes and bronzers so badly.


The Laura Mercier translucent setting powder if a cult classic.  There is definitely a good reason for that.  On the daily, I’ve been using the Koty air-spun powder for setting my under eye area.  It’s not my favorite, and is not cruelty free so I will not be re-purchasing. That powder has nothing on Laura.  The Laura Mercier is just so much softer.  I find that my skin never looks cakey when I use this powder.  I also only use it for my under eyes, as mentioned, so it doesn’t run out super quickly.  It feels and looks great on the skin.


I also swear by Becca Highlights.  You can see my comparison and collection here.  These highlights give an intense glow.  However, with the Anastasia glow kits (check out that comparison here), I feel like they leave more of a stripe on the cheek bone.  I don’t get that effect with my Becca highlighters.  They are just a tad bit more natural.

If I had to pick one palette to use for the rest of my life, it would be the Anastasia Modern Renaissance.  First off, as a warm toned lover, the colors are to die for.  But the real reason to love this palette is for it’s formula.  I love a more powdery shadow, and these certainly fit that category.  They are pigmented, blendable, and pretty much a dream.  Everyone, even cool toned lovers should pick this baby up.  Honestly, there are a million reviews on this palette but I totally recommend shelling out the $42.00 and trying it for yourself.

One more Marc Jacobs product (whoops)!  I only own minis of the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, but they are amazing.  I purchased the Christmas set that contained five of them last season, and they do not disappoint.  The formula is extremely creamy, applies smoothly, and is opaque.  No matter whether you are using a nude or a deep, vampy shade, the colors do not apply in a patchy manner.  These are worth it in my book.


Finally, for brows, I could not live without Anastasia Beverly Hills.  My brow routine for daily makeup in typically a brow powder for the tail end, and Brow Wiz in the front.  For the nighttime, I switch my powder with dip brow.  I certainly use other powders, but I just feel as though the Anastasia applies smoothly, and is very soft.  The dip brow is an awesome pomade for really taking your brows to the next level.  Finally, Brow Wiz applies so naturally, and can be used totally on its own as well.  Honestly, I have other brow powders and products, but I just don’t feel that they compare to ABH.
Do you guys feel like some things are just worth the extra money?  Or do you stick to affordable options?  I personally need a good mix of both!  Keep an eye out for a post about my favorite affordable options!

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Walmart Haul : The Good, The Meh, and The Ugly



Hello all!

Since I’m the most indecisive human on the planet, I wasn’t going to do a seperate Walmart haul, but then I decided, why not?

So anyways, I decided to talk about some things I picked up at Walmart.  Most of these products are only found at Walmart (though some can be spotted at Target as well).  All of these products are constantly talked about  on both Youtube and various blog sites as kind of “holy grail” drugstore products.  But, I wanted to tell you guys what I thought about these products.  Some are great, and some will be peacing out of my makeup collection pretty soon.  But without further ado, here we go!



Hard Candy Ombre Baked Blush in “Sunburst” : This is for sure one of my hits.  I believe this blush cost about $7.00, which isn’t too expensive.  This is a perfect blush for the Summer.  It’s incredibly shimmery, so you have to be careful about what other products you’re pairing it with.  This is seriously gorgeous though!  I meant to pick up “Punch”, which I’ve heard quite a bit about, but bought this color instead by mistake.  I’m glad I did, it’s a perfect color for my collection, and I really did not have a blush shade like this before.  I would absolutely recommend this blush for a beautiful glow.



Wet n’ Wild 8-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in “Comfort Zone” : Ugg.  I am so annoyed about this product. This is possibly the most raved about products from the drugstore.  And this really is a beautiful product.  Many colors are dupes for higher end shadows.  But the formulation is not great.  When I first tried this out, I didn’t love the look that I got out of this product, but I figured I’d try again.  Wrong.  About a day later I got a terrible allergic reaction to this!  If you have sensitive skin I would be leary of this palette.  If your skin is alright, try it out!  There are some really nice colors in here and I will most certainly be passing this on to a friend with less sensitive skin.



NYC Bronzer in “Sunny”: Again, basically every beauty junkie on Youtube owns this little guy, and for only a few dollars, I had to as well.  This is a really pretty bronzer, but a bit too warm for me to contour with.  I’ll be using this product more in the Summer, for a nice flushed look.  So, while it’s not personally my ideal bronzer, it’s still a nice purchase.  It has a nice pigmentation and formula.  I would for sure recommend this bronzer.



Hard Candy Bronzer in “Tiki”: I am so incredibly obsessed with this!  I’ve heard so many great reviews of this being used as a highlight, and it truly is worth the hype.  It’s so shimmery and gives you such a nice, radiant glow.  It’s about $9.00, which beats the price of brands such as Nars and Hourglass.  If you don’t prefer a real shimmery highlight, you may not love this.  But, I for one am absolutley loving this highlight, and it’s slowly becoming a favorite, staple product of mine.



Wet n’ Wild Contouring Palette: I’m truly terrible and ripped off the name, so I’m not quite sure which color this is.  But, I can say this is a nice product for the price.  The bronzer is very similar to “Taupe” by NYX, one of my faves.  The highlight is a little bit too matte for my liking, but it is nice for a more subtle contour.  This disk is also fairly compact, with a lot of product, so it’s ideal for travel.  I believe this sells for about $4.00, so I think this is totally worth it.  Plus, the formula is nice and I’ve had no problems with it.

All in all, I can understand all the hype surronding these products!  They all have great attributes for a great price.

Until next time!