Summer Makeup Essentials

Summer is one of the best times of the year.  The weather’s perfect, school’s out, and you can keep your makeup light.  Here’s a quick post with four of my favorite, must-haves for Summer!

1.) “Georgia” Benefit Boxed Powder : Summer is the season for keeping your makeup light and airy.  I love this powder just for this reason.  Rather than using a heavy foundation, some days it’s just nice to throw on this powder and call it a day.  It’s light, has nice coverage, and is easy to apply. (Discontinued but you might be able to find it online.)

2.) Lorac “Afterglo” Palette : I bought this little palette on a whim.  It just screams Summer with it’s bright colors, and light neutrals.  It has a bunch of great shades to just sweep on your eyelids.  Plus, it’s a great size for travel.

3.) Thebalm “Hot Mama” : I absolutely love this blush.  It’s slightly similar to NARS orgasm, but cheaper and I like the formula slightly better.  It’s a perfect coral color for Summer and all you really need on your cheeks.

4.) Tarte “Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara” : I recently repurchased this mascara and it is awesome.  I usually layer my mascaras to build up my lashes but this formula is amazing.  You can use one coat of this mascara and you’re good to go!

My Summer motto is definitely “keep it simple” and with these products, you can!

Until next time!



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Makeup Obsession : When and Why to Buy Expensive Beauty Products

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, makeup blogging and you-tubing has become main stream.  What has also become mainstream are larger than life makeup collections.  But with products running up to over thirty dollars for every a lipstick (I’m looking at you NARS), how does one build up a collection, and justify it?  Things are expensive, and some products may never actually get used.  Here are some tips of when to buy, what to buy, and if you really need it.

Buy, Buy, Buy!

1.) If it’s limited edition.

Example: Benefit Boxed powders are one of my favorite blushes.  If you haven’t tried them, they are absolutely amazing.  Yet, sometimes colors get discontinued.  Which brings me to Bella Bamba.  The color was recently taken out of stores, and I was super bummed that I was going to have to search for it at a jacked up price on Amazon (I have a problem).  But alas, the site has been selling a full sized version of it with a tint for the same price as a normal boxed powder.  BUY THAT ISH!  True it’s still $28 now, but when you finally find it on some sketchy website it will probably be double.  Jump on the opportunity.

2.) If it’s a special occasion.

Three words: it’s your birthday.  Treat yo self once a year.

3.) One word : coupons.

Watch out for coupons, especially at places like Ulta!  Sure they might be for only twenty percent off, but that can take off a significant chunk of change if the item you’re looking to purchase is expensive.

4.) It’s just a fricken’ good deal!

Sometimes if there’s a sale, you just need to jump on it.  I recently became aware of the BH cosmetics floral blush duos.  I saw them and I had to have them! They are usually about ten dollars a piece, not super pricy for a blush but still, ten dollars can get me three days of Dunkin Donuts coffees.  I recently found the blushes on sale for four dollars a piece, totaling twenty dollars to purchase all of them (with free shipping)!  If there is a deal like that, sometimes you just need to bit the bullet.

When you need to put that credit card away:

1.) Don’t buy it just because it’s in.

I see this as a problem that I am as well totally guilty of, especially with the Urban Decay Naked palettes.  The Naked Line has taken American women by storm, and for a good reason.  The products are amazing quality.  The pigmentation and formulas are amazing, as well as the color selection.  But, if you really think about it, they’re all neutral palettes.  With different undertones, are they really flattering on everyone? Do you need all of them?

Does anyone really need to spend $54 on an eyeshadow palette?  Probably not, but these are somewhat investment pieces, especially for avid makeup collectors and users.  But if you’re just starting out on makeup, don’t drop the fifty bucks just because you think you need it.  Rather, opt for one of the Naked Basic palettes (which have some of the same shades) or even a cheaper brand such as BH cosmetics or NYX.  Almost every one is coming out with knock-offs.

2.) Twitter says it’s in.

Nothing drives me more insane than girls running out to buy “Brave” by MAC just because Kylie Jenner says to.  Can it be a gorgeous lip color?  Of course! But, if you want to spend almost twenty dollars on a lipstick, go into the store and talk to the people working.  There might be a similar tone that’s even better for your complexion.  Don’t jump the gun on a fairly expensive purchase because a Kardashian says so.

3.) Don’t buy a million things from one line on the first try.

I’m not saying to purchase full lines of makeup if you love them.  I personally have most of the Maybeline vivids.  I tried one and was absolutely hooked, and kept going back for more.  But sometimes, products are not what they appear to be.  Even if you hear great things about an item, try one before you sink a bunch of money into it.  They’ll most likely still be at the store to come back and purchase.

4.) The name.

I am such an offender of this rule.  I love flamingos.  I see anything named flamingo and buy it.  But, sometimes I’m not thrilled with it.  Go for the color not the name, the product is for sure more important than the title it has.


I’m obsessed with buying makeup, but am really trying to cut back.  Makeup is something to be used and greatly loved, not to just be placed on display.  I hope these quick tips help you decide on what purchases to make and help you start to build up your makeup collection!

Until next time!


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